AC Malfunctions Happen Often

AC Malfunctions Happen Often

It is known that the way to keep the house in good repair is to maintain it properly. The same approach relates to appliances, especially to the complex equipment of the air conditioning system, that should be well-tuned and maintained before each season.

It is considered to use ACS for a long time (up to twenty years). Although, the usual depreciation and external damage are typical for ACS as well as for every equipment. However, you may perform some actions in order to extend the useful life of your air conditioner.

For example, it is rather important to follow an annual maintenance schedule, perform timely repair works if some malfunctions appeared. These actions will also allow avoiding unexpectable breakdowns and replacement costs. So it becomes possible to enjoy more summer seasons being confident in the installed HVAC system.

Excellent Plumbing, the company cared about AC systems in the Chicago area, prepared the guidelines regarding the most common AC malfunctions that happen often. We hope this will help you to react timely, understand when the time of repairs with professional involvement came, and when, unfortunately, the replacement costs became unavoidable. For details, please see below.


Effective performance of the air conditioner includes lots of sides: energy efficiency, quick and proper cooling for the desired level of temperature, absence on unexpected smells and other malfunctions. This is why it is important to manage regular maintenance and tuning to AC and perform certain inspections in order to identify possible issues. Basic knowledge to use during such inspections are prepared by Excellent Plumbing and are listed below:


The most common and at the same time the easiest for elimination is an issue with dirty filters. While this issue happens often it can cause lots of dangerous consequences:

  • air pollution at your place,
  • blocking the airflow and making AC working with abnormal efforts that cause high energy bills and high depreciation,
  • ice appearance that damaged the whole equipment.

There are different types of filters that may be used at each certain conditioner. Some require monthly replacement, some require quarterly replacement, and some don’t require replacement, but need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Professional technicians, who are involved in maintenance work may help you to determine which type of filters have your ACS, so you can track the time and be aware of the actions required to keep your air conditioner in good repair.


Sometimes the air conditioners may be installed improperly so the conflicts with wiring may appear. As a result, your unit may be unpowered partially or in full, have problems with turning on or even lead to the risk of burn. HVAC experts may check this during maintenance work and conclude whether the installation was made appropriately.


Air conditioning is based on refrigerant’s (it is also called Freon) state change. In case there is not enough Freon in the ACS it may evidence a leaking (90% of probability) or more serious problems with the system.


As was mentioned above dirty filters may cause an ice appearance at your air conditioner. Another issue that may lead to frozen coils is the low Freon level. Regular maintenance allows you to avoid both reasons, so no frost problems will occur.


It is much easier to handle the small issue before it will turn in to a big problem. This is why regular maintenance provided at least annually may allow an expert involved to detect a small issue and eliminate you saving your AC system from big problems and you from significant expenses.

Each described may be handled together with Excellent Plumbing certified technicians that provide services at all the Chicago area. You will be surprised by how simple is to handle all issues regarding AC involving our experts. Detailed consultations and flat rates will make you sure the process is easy and transparent. We are ready to help you 24/7 with the following:

  • Installation of HVAC equipment;
  • Repair works of different difficulty levels;
  • Regular maintenance, tuning and other services provided to ACS;
  • Increasing the quality of the air you are breathing.

In case of any questions you can always contact us, so we will provide you with a free consultation and answer any question you have.

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