Air Conditioning: Main Points

air conditioning main points

It’s hardly possible to imagine a comfortable life without air conditioning at home. An option it gives is the ability to chill indoors, while the weather outside is rather hot. The level of comfort directly affects our mood and health. It would be fairly to note that to a certain extent we depend on our air conditioning system (ACS) productivity and capacity and respectively we are interested in its good repair.

The main working principle of air conditioning is to take hot air from the house, convert it into cooler one using special components inside it and give colder air back into the home place. Although wise versa variant is also available in case homeowners need to get warm. Actually, ACS is an important component of the climate control system at your home, including an option to change indoor humidity levels and affect the general quality of air circulating.

Although the purpose of air conditioning is obvious, the exact process can be still unknown to most of the people. The approach used in ACS is the same as used in the refrigerator’s work, while it is cooling products and basically is explained by the physics concept. To clarify the process Excellent Plumbing decided to disclose the main stages for air cooling by ACS and the main components of the system. Acknowledging with the main principles of ACS working will also bring an understanding of why it is important to keep ACS well-maintained with the help of professionals like Excellent Plumbing experts are. For more details, please refer below.

The process of ACS functioning may become understood better via a review of the ACS’s components. So, basically, the hot air is gathered, processed, cooled and reproduced back. One of the crucial components that provide a desirable result is a chemical compound called refringent or Freon, that changing its physical state (from gas to liquid and back to gas) affects the temperature of the air.

To perform all these stages, the ACS is completed with the following: thermostat, evaporator and compressor, expansion valve, condenser, filters, and the muffler. Below you may find the description of how all of these are working together.


The exact process starts when ACS is turned on, so refrigerant gets into the compressor being a low-pressure gas. Obviously, the task of the compressor is to press the gas, so molecules will come closer to each other. The physical reaction of the compression is temperature and pressure growth, so the gas becomes much hotter.

New gas moves from the compressor directly into the condenser. Actually, the next step has the similar mechanics as a radiator at the car: hot air will be quickly diffused by the AC system’s fins located outside, although high pressure in the condenser will make the gas turn into liquid. When the transformed liquid leaves condenser it is rather cold affected by fans and air outside the ACS. So colder liquid moves to evaporator getting there via a thing hole. Pressure in it is much lower, so fluid affected by the low pressure will become a gas again. The transformation from the liquid to gas causes natural physical reaction with significant heat absorption, so the air in the room becomes much cooler.


The main part of the process is changing refrigerant’s state from gas under low pressure, high pressure, turning it to liquid and back, so heat will be absorbed due to physical processes. Fins from metal related to evaporator are also involved in the hot energy exchange. The cycle will be started again from the point when the Freon being a gas will return back into the compressor.

Fans in your ACS that are attached directly to evaporator are the tools, that provide proper circulation of cooled air in the room. Additionally, through the vent air from the room gets to the evaporator to make Freon cooler. Further, the vent is also used for pushing the chiller air back into the room. The thermostat is the tool for regulating the desired level of the temperature indoors kept by ACS. As soon as the chosen temperature at a homeplace is achieved the air conditioning system will be turn off automatically. The automatic turn-on will occur in case of an incompliance of actual temperature with one set at ACS.


Excellent Plumbing has wide experience with air conditioning and climate control systems, so we help homeowners to keep their homeplaces cozy and comfortable. We are ready to support you day and night in case of mechanisms malfunctions to deliver you the best service and working ACS system. If you have any doubts regarding on proper work of your air conditioning contact us for further consultations. Any help starting from a simple refill of Freon or filter change and ending by complex repair work will be provided to you by Excellent Plumbing experts.

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