Cat5 Cabling: How to Avoid Mistakes?

Cat5 Cabling: How to Avoid Mistakes?

The cable of the fifth category (CAB5) is used for connection between different devices such as 2 computers, TV and computers, different tuners and so on using ethernet. Although it would not enough to connect gadgets via cable. Because of ethernet usage, it is required to properly set it and install, otherwise, issues during its work may appear.

Our experts, who provide different types of electrical services for years in the Palatine area, analyzed common mistakes of users and are ready to share them with you to help you avoid them and have no headaches with its exploitation.

Common Cat5 Cable Installation Mistakes

We are the service who is used to help people with different issues that happened, starting from correct cables installation and ending by the elimination of consequences from the transformer’s blow. What should be avoided dealing with CAT5 cable is listed below:


It is a common phenomenon when during the installation the network cable is left unsecured in place. Actually, the mistake comes down to the physical depreciation of cable, which increases in case of bad placing and fixing. As a result, the cable may deform in different ways including direct damage, that will lead to bad connection issues, including disruptions and data change slowing down. Please, ensure your Cat5 was properly anchored during installing.


Cat5 doesn’t have strong protection, as the result its magnetic field can be easily disrupted. Such disruption leads to issues with connection or transmission. The importance of avoiding the paralleling of Cat5 with electric cables comes down to danger from affecting by them, which will cause disruptions described above.


Usually, there is a mark for the acceptable distance of cable running. Breach of this recommendation may lead to a decrease in the speed of network connection, so please, spend some time acknowledging with this parameter in order to be sure the appropriate distance was kept.


The mistake made by lots of users during CAT5 cable selection is choosing the cheapest and the simplest options. Such an approach excludes an opportunity to stay on the one page with progress, so there is a high probability that in a close future the Cat5 will not be compatible with other updated devices. Please consider possible options that may be needed while planning to install the Cat5 cable.

In case you still have some doubts or further clarifications are required it might be useful to ask professionals for consultation. We provide our services for many years in Palatine and are ready to help you with the correct choice!

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