Long usage of showerheads without proper cleaning making it look nasty a lot just after a couple of years. Such an image is explained by the chemical composition of water flow in our sewer lines, where hard metals, minerals and even limestone that are concentrated in little proportions. However, during years all of these are accumulated on showerheads and clogs its holes that cause a decrease in flow strength or inappropriate water flow direction or all of the above mentioned in the same time.

Nevertheless, you may use Excellent Plumbing tips provided below in order to clean your showerhead and resolve a low water flow issue for a long time. Your tools in this task will be:

  • Vinegar – approximately 200 grams,
  • Plastic bag – one;
  • Zip tie – one;
  • Scissors.

The next should be performed in order to remove stains and blockages from showerhead:

We recommend you to take the showerhead off from the construction, so it would be much easy to handle it. However, the final decision is up to you.

Pour the vinegar to plastic bag prepared before.

Attach zip tie loosely to the showerhead.

Put the showerhead to the plastic bag filled with vinegar. Close the bag by tightening on top the zip tie.

Soak it for overnight

Take a showerhead from the bag. For your convenience, you may use scissors for cutting the zip.

Attach the showerhead back to construction and check the result by running the water for 3 minutes.

In most cases known to Excellent Plumbing, the method we’ve described to you above is effective. However, in case it didn’t help you may always call Excellent Plumbing, so we will check the issue and its reasons and provide you with possible solutions. For example, in case the showerheads weren’t clean for long years it is rather possible you need to make a replacement with a new one. In such a case Excellent Plumbing will help you with choice and provide with some affordable variants.

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