Everything You Should Know About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a modern and convenient way to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere indoors, while outdoors looks like Sahara. This is why it is important to check the existing system for any issues before the summer came. At the same time, in case the air conditioning still wasn’t installed for some reason it would be a wise decision to perform deep research regarding main features, related costs and tips on appropriate maintenance to keep the unit in a good condition.

In case you have never faced this issue before it may become really difficult to find all the necessary information and apply it correctly. Emergency Plumbing prepared a quick guide about air conditioning systems, main installation issues, popular and reliable brands, maintenance tips, and related costs. 

What is important to realize here is that the installation should be performed by the licensed expert, otherwise you may damage the equipment or cut it efficiency by the inappropriate installation. Emergency Plumbing professionals used their experience and gathered the full FAQ that was asked to us during our installation works.

So here it is.


The process of selection may become difficult because of huge variety of market offers. At the same time, there are a couple of reputable manufacturers, which are worth of trust because they care high quality, and make it affordable at any budget. Consider the following brands as reliable, while making your choice: Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, Carrier, Bryant, York, and Trane


The total cost of HVAC system installation may vary depending on several factors, which come down to the branding, the model, individual conditions that cause special requirements for installation, like for example, place of installation.

The new models, which are highly effective in air cooling cost higher than other models with lower SEER value. Although their effectiveness allows to consume less power and save energy, so the bill will contain a lower amount due.

The air conditioning systems have different sizes and capacities, which can cover different areas. As the biggest space should be cooled, as more expensive the model is. 

Sometimes the additional work may be required to prepare the house for air conditioning system installation. This may directly influence the price making it higher. For example, you may need additional duct sealing work or supporting ductwork installation, which is common, because it makes the air conditioner work effectively.

The total installation cost of the air conditioning system is $5000-$6000 on average. However, a lot of experts provide you with the preliminary budget and estimated cost, so you can prepare for it or choose the best offer. In case the homeowners decide that the cost is still high the temporary solution can be found in window air

conditioners or portable air conditioners.


The time for repair work is determined by the moment when the air conditioner cannot keep a comfortable temperature inside your home. Please, request for professional help in case the troubleshooting didn’t help, so the experienced technician will make a certain inspection and provide you with an appropriate solution.

Speaking about troubleshooting. There are certain steps that can be performed by homeowners to check whether the problem is local and whether it can be easily and quickly fixed. So:

  • The first step – to check the thermostat settings.

  • The second step – to check the power source and connection between it and the air conditioner;

  • Regularly check and replace, if necessary, air filters.

All of the abovementioned can be fixed independently by the homeowner without third parties’ help. However, the following issues shouldn’t be addressed without involvement of professionals:

  • Refrigerant leakage;

  • Frozen coils;

  • Problems with drainage;

  • Issues related to compressor fan.


Please consider, that the cost of repair will vary depending on the issue happened, brand and model, amount of spare parts, which require replacement, and the amount of charge for a service call that is determined in agreement with your HVAC system provider. 

Happily, the average cost of air conditioning repair in the USA consists of $300. Although, the specific issues may require cause higher expenses:

  • Repairs of the Flush condensate lines may cost up to $250, but not less than $75;

  • Recharging the refrigerant may cost you up to $750 but not less than $250

  • Replacement of:

  • the drip pan is from $250 to $575;

  • the fan motor is from $200 to $650;

  • compressor $1900

  • condenser coil is from $1,900 to $2,900;

  • the condensate drain pump is from $240 to $450;

  • the condensate drain tube is near $20;

  • spare parts as relays, fuses, or breakers up to $290;

  • Fixing the refrigerant leaks: will cost you from $200 to $1,500.


The best frequency for air conditioning maintenance work is at least once per year. And the best time is a spring just before the summertime will bring the heat. This way the system will work for a long time without unexpected malfunctions and breakdowns and its useful life will be extended.


Tune-ups, which are considered to be the best preventive measure from breakdowns and malfunctions are performed by technicians in order to ensure the unit will be functioning at the maximum efficiency and capacity during the next hew hot months. The main tasks performed during the tune-up is the optimization of the cooling system performance and protect the main components of the unit from damage and too fast depreciation. The system is inspected regarding possible issues with special attentiveness to its important components. If any problems were found, they will be immediately eliminated by the technician, so no danger of breakdowns during the summer will be left. Basically, this type of work will include:

  • Checking the level of refrigerant;

  • Evaporator, condenser coil, and filters cleaning;

  • Inspection of the thermostat;

  • Tightening of electrical connections;

  • Servicing the condensate drain, lubricating of moving components;

  • Adjustments made to the blower motor;

  • Final testing of the system operation.


The frequent and regular maintenance is crucial for keeping the air conditioning system in good repair. But it would be a common mistake to think that no efforts should be made in the summer. There are several steps to be followed to make the system operate effectively for a long time. They can be done personally by homeowners or e delegated to the HVAC systems’ expert: 

  • Prepare a schedule of professional maintenance and tune-ups;

  • Perform summer adjustments to the thermostat regarding summer temperatures and possible changes in family’s summer schedules;

  • Change the furnace filters in time, checking them for being dirty at least once per month;

  • Keep the interior and exterior parts of the air conditioning system clean;

  • Check your vents and registers for being opened, so the airflow will not have any blockages;

  • Check drip pan and drain lines regularly, remove any garbage from them, if any.

The Emergency Plumbing team used to care for clients and provide them with exhaustive information. We are opened for your questions and are ready to help you with any issue 247/ without weekends and holidays. If you still have doubts or want to get some clarifications, please contact us, and you will get the best service ever!

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Additionally, it is equipped with:

  • Monitoring option, which allows noticing any unusual energy consumption by your HVAC system, so it will notify you regarding possible maintenance work may be required;

  • Remote control management option from any capable device;

  • Scheduling option according to the working hours and time of being at home of the homeowner, so it allows to be more energy effective.

It is rather comfortable to manage the thermostat, while you are not at home during the day or have a long business trip making it work with less intensity and saving you costs for energy, but what is better is to prepare home heating/cooling it just close to your arrival time. Now there is no need to disrupt the relaxing time at home, but there is an opportunity to stay environment-friendly reducing carbon emissions and energy spent.

Some models are compatible with others and allow to integrate the voice management function. For example, iComfort® S30 from Lennox is compatible with all the equipment from Dave Lennox Signature® Line and can be integrated with Google Assistant or IFTTT, so now this model of a smart thermostat can work with all popular systems including Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit™

Except of an option to communicate with personal smart home assistance in order to manage temperature or lightning, iComfort® S30 has a function called Smart Away, which gets information from the GPS in your smartphone to track, where are you and when your arrival at home is planned in order to create cozy atmosphere and comfortable temperature.  And to check it is comfortable indeed it monitors the weather outside to adjust microclimate inside with minimal energy consumption.

Smart thermostats have lots of design variants to fit your interior, customized interface to fit your preferences, touchscreen option and, what is important, the notification system in order to schedule the system’s maintenance timely.


It doesn’t matter on the mode of the smart home system to be used among the variety of offers exited on the market. All of them are aimed to simplify your daily task completion, make you feel comfortable at home, saving you time and costs. Taking into account that heating costs are approximately a half from all the energy bills, using a smart thermostat allows staying environment-friendly and energy effective.

You are able to make your home smarter upgrading your HVAC system, which is accessible together with Lennox versatile collection.

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