GFCI Outlet Reset Hints

There are lots of places at home with significant moisture that in spite of the high risk of shock require the installation of outlets for the usage of different electronic devices. For such purposes, the GFCI outlets become an irreplaceable option. Although sometimes because of the eventuality circuit grounds through the conductive source.

In such cases it would be enough to reset the GFCI Outlet, but when the operation with electricity is considered the additional precaution measures should be taken. Our experts with years of experience of electrical services all over the Arlington Heights area and others prepared a couple of useful hints to stay safe while resetting the GFCI Outlet. In case after acknowledging you still have some doubts, inconveniences or difficulties you can always call us for further consultations or help.


The abbreviation of GFCI comes down to the ground fault circuit interrupter descriptions. Its main purpose is to cut off power immediately in case of electrical current grounding happened unexpectedly. This type of outlet catches the moment of ground fault at the time when the current runs from hot to neutral circuit ends for cases when the voltage on these ends is different. If such happens the GFCI cuts off the circuit in order to make possible damage from electrocution less.



The essential reason for the GFCI trip is decrease in electrical current during its run from the hot to neutral nods. The reasons for such decrease and respective circuit grounding happened can be explained by the next events:

  • Water entering the device, even in insignificant portions;
  • Somebody’s contact with wide that is partially frayed;
  • Dust accumulation at the outlet;
  • Wire’s damage and depreciation.

All of these factors cause GFCI trips and cuts off the power. In order to turn it back, the outlet should be reset. But before taking any actions the actual reason for cutting the power should be found and respective precaution measures should be performed to avoid shocking:

  • Inspect appliances or other plugged-in devices for possible damages or frayed wires;
  • Check possible sources of moisture, dust. Ensure there is no worn isolation in the surrounding area;
  • Check the outlet and ensure it doesn’t have damages.


The actual resetting process of the GFCI is rather easy. After the proper inspection of the outlet, devices and other things described above, the “Reset” button should be pushed. In case the trip will happen in a short period you may need qualified help for deeper inspection and reasons search to prevent possible accidents. For such purposes, you may always call us. We will consult, help and resolve your electrical issues that happened in the Arlington Heights area quickly and safe! Trust your home and safety only to certified professionals!

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