Hot water heaters

Hot water heaters

Boilers: the guidance for choosing and usage

You just moved, or just looking for a new hot-water heater? We found for you a few smart tips to help you not to get lost in a wide range of boilers in the store and choose the one that fits you the most!

If your boiler works good and even if you’re not going to buy a new one, check this article anyway. The thing is that term of usage of such kind electric heating devices for approximately 10 years. But it also can be out of order any time after the warranty period, so you should be prepared and smartly save your money in case of emergency with it.

We live in an era of rapid development in technology. So now, good old boiler with a tank is not a solution for a smart homeowner. Nowadays a bunch of newest, energy-efficient and not that expensive items is accessible to buy in the store. And choosing the one that fits you is a very critical step. First of all, it cost more expensive than the usual stuff you buy, so you need to cut this amount from the family budget. It will serve you for a pretty long period and it is boiler that likely to the key of the total amount of your monthly utility bills. That is why so important to choose the item with low energy consumptions -you will see, it save the fortune!

What kinds of boilers you might see in stores?

No matter if you are looking on the internet or just visit the store, you will meet different categories of water heaters. We sorted this for, so you could see the whole picture when making a choice:

Storage boilers – they are huge, old-known devices with tanks. They work on gas, solar energy or electricity. Items boil the whole tank of water and keep it until someone starts using it and the fills the tank with cold water and heat again.

Boilers without a tank are kinda new think on market. Therefore, they are a hit in sales right now, because of their energy efficiency. These items hit the water only when it is needed and do not waste your money for anything.

Local boilers – not supply the whole building with hot water. Homeowners usually set the in particular room: bathroom or kitchen. They are usually smaller and cheaper than regular ones.

Solar boilers – they have a tank, but use the solar energy to heat the water in it. So, in fact, you get the hot water for free, which is sometimes an essential part of the choice.

How to choose a boiler that fit your criteria.

If might sound obvious, but first of all determine – what are you looking for from this device. For instance, you want to buy an energy efficient boiler, but are you already to pay a high price for it? It there enough space in your house to fit this item? Then you need to think about, match the criteria and make the right choice. We collected the most essential criteria for making a choice:

Recoupment period. Consider how often you are at home? Work full day? Live alone? Then you do not need to but energy efficient item for 3000 dollars to save 300 dollars per year, right? Choose the cheaper option, which heats the water fast and do not chase for saving energy.

How much electricity costs?

Do you know what kind of energy is the cheapest in your region? Gas, electricity or solar energy? Pick the device which will supply from the most affordable source of energy and you won’t lose!

Weather conditions. Note, some boilers without a tank works not good in cold and extremely cold weather conditions.

Consumption of hot water. Analyze how often you and your family use the hot water. Who takes a shower longer than others and does he do this with hot water? Maybe you can reduce your bills just saving the hot water?

The working principle of boilers

The boiler supplies the hot water in the system by hitting it with a source of energy and then delivering to the valve, bath and etc. Hot water usually keeps in the tank or dispenser heats it when needed.

Installation process

The installation process is a complicated and responsible process, which might be dangerous for an amateur. For fast and smooth installation escalate to the experienced plumber, who has the license for doing such types of work. Excellent Plumbing provides a wide range of plumbing services, which include installation of any kind of water heaters. Call us 847-868-1800 and book an appointment at any convenient time. We are flexible to visit you in any city all over Illinois and make your life easier!

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