How to Create an Effective Smart Home?

Modern developments and progress allowed us to apply one of the most important achievements – smart home technology. It won our hearts by just offering the Alexa voice-management option, which can help you to turn on the lighting/heating without any efforts from your side, so now it is used by the majority of Americans.

The artificial intelligence application in households started from thermostats and simple smart plugs installations and now it allows us to manage the home using own voice or just a gadget. Moreover, now the market offers a variety of systems to be used such as Apple HomeKit™, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and others. And each of these systems allows the integration with other products for effective and efficient home management. 

The experience of more than half of Americans, which selected smart home technologies for personal usage, says that it helps to save more than half of an hour per day on routine tasks. This explains so high popularity of smart home technology and the desire of more than 70% of its users to try more products to be more efficient and less dependent on daily home duties.


Nowadays the market offers a variety of devices for smart home management. Although the first one, which gave a start to this type of technology became a smart thermostat. Statistics say it that currently, the smart thermostat is more popular among homeowners than fire/carbon monoxide detectors, smart lightning, lockers and security cameras.

Together with programming thermostats, which made a kind of revolution in the scheduling of heating and cooling process, making it energy-efficient, the smart thermostat made such a revolution in HVAC systems control, making this process comfortable and easy.


It is capable of learning the house owner’s climate preferences, appropriately schedule cooling and heating staying energy efficient and saving costs to its owner using optimized settings;

Smart thermostat settings should be made for short periods for some time after the installation, so the system will be able to memorize correct working cycles and homeowner preferences;

When the learning period is over, the smart thermostat starts to work independently, so it automatically adjusts the temperature during the day and night, providing you with a comfortable climate and saving you costs during an appropriately managed heating/cooling process.

Additionally, it is equipped with:

  • Monitoring option, which allows noticing any unusual energy consumption by your HVAC system, so it will notify you regarding possible maintenance work may be required;

  • Remote control management option from any capable device;

  • Scheduling option according to the working hours and time of being at home of the homeowner, so it allows to be more energy effective.

It is rather comfortable to manage the thermostat, while you are not at home during the day or have a long business trip making it work with less intensity and saving you costs for energy, but what is better is to prepare home heating/cooling it just close to your arrival time. Now there is no need to disrupt the relaxing time at home, but there is an opportunity to stay environment-friendly reducing carbon emissions and energy spent.

Some models are compatible with others and allow to integrate the voice management function. For example, iComfort® S30 from Lennox is compatible with all the equipment from Dave Lennox Signature® Line and can be integrated with Google Assistant or IFTTT, so now this model of a smart thermostat can work with all popular systems including Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit™

Except of an option to communicate with personal smart home assistance in order to manage temperature or lightning, iComfort® S30 has a function called Smart Away, which gets information from the GPS in your smartphone to track, where are you and when your arrival at home is planned in order to create cozy atmosphere and comfortable temperature.  And to check it is comfortable indeed it monitors the weather outside to adjust microclimate inside with minimal energy consumption.

Smart thermostats have lots of design variants to fit your interior, customized interface to fit your preferences, touchscreen option and, what is important, the notification system in order to schedule the system’s maintenance timely.


It doesn’t matter on the mode of the smart home system to be used among the variety of offers exited on the market. All of them are aimed to simplify your daily task completion, make you feel comfortable at home, saving you time and costs. Taking into account that heating costs are approximately a half from all the energy bills, using a smart thermostat allows staying environment-friendly and energy effective.

You are able to make your home smarter upgrading your HVAC system, which is accessible together with Lennox versatile collection.

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