How to Handle Common Plumbing Issues

The majority of plumbing troubles appear in winter and it is highly useful to know the action plan to be performed in case bursting pipe, leakage or other water or another kind of damage happened to your property. Below you may find simple advice from Excellent Plumbing team experts, which may help you to reduce negative effects and damage caused by it.


When it comes down to plumbing bursting pipes are considered to be the most common trouble that happened to homeowners during the winter season. The cold temperature affects the water expanding it before freezing. Thus in case, some water has been left in pipes before cold weather came it rather possible it will burst the pipe-freezing there. Another reason for pipes damage are faults, which were not noticed and fixed before winter came. Leakages caused by issues described above are considered to be highly dangerous by affecting not only the property and things inside your home, but also the wires so hazard for tenants’ life appears.

Action Plan includes the following:

  • The first step comes down to turning off the supply of the water. It would be also wise to turn off heating and electricity.

  • The next step is to call a professional plumber. Excellent Plumbing daily and nightly is ready to help people living in Lombard, Long Grove, Palatine, and many other countries listed in the respective section of our site.

  • The final step is to gather leakage to a bucket or other tank minimizing its consequences.

  • It is also acceptable to make attempts to seal water leakage using tape or other things, so the water damage will be reduced


The blockages are the things met by the majority of us, so there is no need to describe the unpleasant and smelly consequences of it. Of course, the best decision would be to call professional plumber, so the problem will be resolved quickly and effectively, but until he will come to the following actions can be performed:


  • Preparing an appropriate number of towels for gathering water;

  • Finding a plunger and applying it to the clogged drain.

Often it will be enough to use a plunger for a while moving clog from the drain. In case it didn’t help there is a danger of more serious problems that happened to the draining system, which preferably should be resolved by professionals with respective experience.

Boiler Issues

Losing the boiler in winter is probably one of the most unpleasant problems homeowners can meet in winter. Thus any issues that happened to the boiler should be resolved as soon as it is possible. The simple things, which can be checked without the involvement of experts, are:


  • Testing power supply at the place of boiler powering;

  • Testing fuse box for possible trips and the turn-off mode;

  • Testing the level of water pressure inside the boiler. It can be done via an installed gauge at the visible place. In case everything is ok with the pressure the respective needs will be situated between red lines. In case of any deviations, you can refer to the boiler’s manual for restoring the appropriate pressure level in it.

In case nothing of listed above helped it would be a good idea to call plumbing experts in order to fix the boiler in a short time.


The plumbing service may also cover the gas pipes issues. In case you noted any problems connected to gas pipes or just with an unpleasant gas smell do not try to fix it on our own, because it is very dangerous. The first thing to be done is to move away from the house and take away your family and pets, so all of you will be safe. It is strictly forbidden to smoke or use any type of electrical appliances or other technics. The only thing you can do is to leave doors and windows open and call the emergency services for saving your lives and property from gas leakage.

As was previously mentioned the majority of issues are better to trust professionals, so damage will be reduced, no additional harm caused, and a lot of time would be safe. Excellent Plumbing has experienced staff for handling any of possible plumbing issues, call us using +1847-868-1800 any time and wait for help, which will come very soon.

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