How to Reach High-Quality Indoor Air

Unfortunately, spring brings not only the warmth and blossom but the high portion of allergens in the air. At the same time, these allergens used to get into the house, so the problem of managing the humidity level and increasing the indoor air quality becomes relevant. Resolving of the abovementioned issues is a key to healthy microclimate maintained at the home place.

Based on the gathered experience Emergency Plumbing advice uses a special type of equipment to fight humidity and allergens – air purification systems. It considered being an effective weapon against pollen and other allergens, including different types of dangerous bacteria. Air purification systems are usually connected to the HVAC system in order to remove pollutants during the cycle of cooling/heating of the air.

Three main benefits are gained applying to air purifiers: decrease allergens’ effects, care your lungs’ health, avoid spreading of the dangerous bacteria and viruses inside the household. It is mainly achieved by eliminating the following:

  • Pets’ fur and dander;

  • Odors, including smoke;

  • Pollen and dust;

  • Bacteria and viruses;

  • Mold.

As was mentioned above, for better effect humidity and pollution should be managed at the same time, therefore there are 2 recommended tools.


Complex protection from allergens and dirt contained in the air may be achieved by using several different products or whole purification system. Such systems usually are more effective and have lower costs comparing to the total price of separated products. Purification systems from Lennox PureAir are considered to be the best option because it eliminates 99,9% of microparts from the air and approximately 90% of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, there are no significant allergy symptoms and the probability to get flu is also significantly reduced.

Additionally, it helps to create fresh indoor air without keeping your windows constantly opened. The PureAir system allows removing different types of odors, including chemical ones. So using the air purification system may help to eliminate all adverse effects connected to different indoors activities.


Applying the best air purification system may become a real challenge in case there is no simple and understandable way to control it. As a result, you may not receive the expected result, although lots of efforts would be spent. The decision is the installation of the appropriate thermostat, that will help you to manage parameters of the indoor air, including setting the required allergens control.

In the case of applying the PureAir purification system, the correct decision would be to install iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat from Lennox. It helps to stay energy effective and set the desired parameters to keep air clean, fresh and free from allergens and can be used at any time of the year.

Getting inside the house pollen, ozone, and dust affects your breathing making it harder. For better air quality control Lennox iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat is equipped with Allergen Defender, which allows monitoring pollution indicators for your area using your ZIP code. Respective data is sent by a thermostat to the furnace/air handler’s blower, so air filtration and cleaning become more intensive. 

Additionally, there is a function called Feels Like™, thanks to which the thermostat can set the appropriate combination of humidity and temperature making you feel like you want.

iComfort® S30 makes your weekdays better and allows you to have more rest because it doesn’t require any efforts from your side in the relation of climate control. It proposes you two additional unique options:

the Schedule IQ, which allows changing HVAC system’s work intensity according to your family’s schedule;

Smart Away, which allows setting the special mode for cases of your absence at home;

This thermostat has the voice-management option and allows you to monitor the productivity of the system remotely, so in case of any unpredictable issues your dealer and you will be informed as soon as possible.

It is obvious, that effective equipment is popular and many people are willing to purchase it. As a result, there is a risk of fraudsters, who may offer fakes. In case you have decided to become a happy owner of these systems, please find the official site and communicate only to official dealers, so you, your pocket, and your home will be safe.

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