How to Schedule Home Electrical System Upgrade?

It is a common issue to upgrade the electrical systems much rarely than they must be. It is an object of the depreciation and when it accumulated an insignificant amount the best scenario that may happen is repeatable issues, while the worse is a fire. That is why it is extremely important to be aware of the proper time to upgrade the electrical system at home.

Our team is represented by certified electricians only, who work in different areas including Long Grove in different conditions. Below you may find a brief description of the main reasons to upgrade the electrical system and the main signs that the time for such an upgrade came to keep the family safe from different hazards caused by electrical malfunctions.


Usually, the electrical systems maintained at the house were not changed since it was built. As a result, they are almost fully depreciated. Additionally, in case the house was built a long time ago it is expected to have an electrical system that is not able to handle high amperage. This means that if the device is big and places too many draws in the system, the fuse/breaker will trip easier. In case the fuse/breaker fails to trip while the amperage is rather high to handle, it will lead to wires overheat and even can be a reason for the fire.

Another widespread issue related to old electrical systems is overloading the breakers that disables them to trip, leads to overheating and also can cause the fire. Another danger caused by wiring impairment and the bad connection is a high probability of electrocution. Such an effect can be caused not only by old fuse but by the worsening of the connection inside the electrical system. All of these explain the necessity to replace the electrical system on old homes and schedule it maintained on a timely basis.


There are a lot of signs that should be noticed by a homeowner regarding electrical system functioning. The best way to keep it in good repair and be safe from its malfunction is to involve the licensed electrician, who will consult you and help. Although, our experts based on experienced and some cases handled in Long Grove prepared some signs that can signal that the time for experts help came

  • You found breakers/fuses tripping or have blown;
  • You have a few amounts of sockets at home;
  • You noticed light dims in case a couple of appliances are turned on at the same time;
  • You felt a minor shock when the electrical appliance is taught;
  • Sometimes the burning smells appear in the room;
  • You feel a lack of the three-pronged sockets in the house.

In case something of the abovementioned is met in respect of your house it is a sign of the necessity to call a certified electrician for help.

Please note, that the replacement or upgrading of the electrical system is a complex and dangerous work, that should be performed by professionals only! Please, involve only certified electricians and trust to experts. You can contact us in Long Grove for further consultancy or direct services, so you will be sure your electrical system upgrade was done correctly! We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-868-1800 and save your time and money with us!

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