How to unclog a toilet?

How to unclog a toilet?

How to unclog a toilet?

I bet all of you had this awkward, unpleasant situation when at home (or even worse in someone’s house) you flush the water in the toilet and it’s slowly goes up instead of going down. What a nightmare to be in the bathroom, meanwhile the water from the toilet is up to your knees. It’s hard not to get rattled.  No worries, we know what to do!

If you decided to fix broken sanitation in-house, these few steps will help you to do it smoothly and without any worries.  Here are a few simple steps to begin…

Stop the admission of water it the sanitary ware.

You might see that the water can swamp the sanitary ware. Firstly,  you need to do in this case is to open the cap of the tank and jam the release valves as soon as you can. The water should run off from the container into the bowl. If you concern that it might cause the waterflood in your bathroom, remove the cover and  then click off the trigger. After it, put your hand near the valve and meantime push the flusher with the other hand.

Find the appropriate force cup

A perfect  tool  should have a packing on it, which be attached to the water closet. The best ones –  with funnel-cup.

Heat the force cup

In case you utilize hard rubber plunger it won’t function as good as soft and elastic. To warm up your plunger, put it under hot water for hot water. After this procedure you can use it more effective as  it will better stick to the toilet bowl.

Plunge right

You might think that it’s not rocket science to plunge the toilet. But it very important not only use the downward push, but also the pullback. You should repeat these moves in turn a few times and then flush the toilet. If the water goes down – good work, you unclog the toilet! But if it starts to goes up again, you should close the valve and repeat all actions again until you succeed.

Lifehack: Use abstergent and hot water

Boil few glasses of water, switch it off to the toilet and let stand for one moment. After it you can start the plunge again and the clog should be fixed.  Also, a good shot is to add abstergent to the water – the soap can remove the blockage.

When it’s time to get the auger

If you understand that the plunger doesn’t help, then you need the auger – special device which looks like a cable and sells in a lot of hardware stores.

Use an auger is quite simple. Just put it in the hole and start turn until it stops – it means you found the clog. To remove the blockage, just make few plunges and all fixed. Easy, dizzy, lemon squeezy!

Do I need to find a plumber?

How to understand it’s time to find a specialist, who will help you to remove the clog? If you see that the water freezes in your hand basin or goes down very slowly it means that the main line is blocked. This time it’s better to call the professional to avoid the unexpected flood.  Excellent Plumbing has a deal with different kinds of clogs. Our office is based in Buffalo Grave, but we are flexible to come in any place in Illinois. Don’t waste your time and dial the experts!

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