Installation Solutions for Business: Specialty Receptacles

The matter of electrical outlet installation becomes a significant factor to be considered during repair works/improvements in existing business premises in order to make the space more efficient or in case of equipping the new business space. This is an important detail, that helps employees to feel more convenient, keep a safe workspace and increase efficiency.

Our experts provide a variety of services at the Lake Forrest, including services for business, like, for example, the installation of specialty receptacles. The deep level of expertise proven by current licenses is an appropriate background for providing a professional consultancy regarding types of receptacles to be installed, and the best places to be used in these purposes.


Depending on business specialization and direction our experts may offer you different types of receptacles to be installed. For better understanding below you may find the examples of the wide-spread outlets to be used:


This kind of sockets is a successful decision for offices or other places, where the supply of power to the expensive and sensitive equipment is considered (TV, Desktops, Laps and so on). These surge-proof sockets are aimed to protect electronics from the damage caused by unexpected power leap caused by too many devices that were connected to the circuit at the same time.


This type of sockets is used to be installed in places with a high risk of being damaged by electrocution, because of their mechanism that comes down to the current interruption and grounding circuit fault. The GFCI socket will turn the power off in case the interruption in a circuit happened in order to decrease the danger and effects of electrical shocking and keep a person is safe.


Some complex equipment requires more power for proper functioning, In such cases, 240-volt sockets will be installed. Please note, that this type of sockets should be installed by certified professionals only, because of high risks connected with high voltage. 240-V receptacles are aimed to handle high electrical loads and keep safety in a place of application.


Sockets that are planning to be used outdoors should be properly protected from the water ingress. They usually have weatherproof housing. As well as 240-Volt sockets this kind should be also installed only by experts, to keep all properties of this type of an outlet and to cover the risk of fire, electrocution or other accidents that can damage or hurt property or people.


You will be probably surprised that our professionals may install the receptacles at any place you require starting from the tabletop in a conference room and ending by the window display at the store. We will consult you about the best decisions regarding the place that will provide you with more benefits and efficiency.

You may always ask additional questions directly to our certified electricians, who are working in a Lake Forrest, and discuss your special moments in order to stay safe and maintain sockets and devices plugged-in to them in a safe.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-868-1800 and save your time and money with us!

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