Starting Career in a Plumbing

If you are thinking about additional education and want to receive useful and demanded skills you should consider the option of plumbing courses. Your previous experience, education, and field of occupations don’t matter, because Excellent Plumbing opened the apprenticeship program. It is aimed to help interested people get appropriate knowledge and provides them with necessary skills, which will be enough for handling plumbing issues and starting professional plumber’s carrier as well.


One of the popular ways to open the profession of plumber and become a demanded specialist is to participate in a special course and respective internship program in order to receive respective knowledge as well as practice. It is a great chance to join the team of reputable Plumbing Company, which operates at the plumbing market for years.

Of course, the course doesn’t guarantee you’ll become a highly qualified specialist after the internship, but it gives work, salary, and a nice team of co-workers without requirements to your previous experience and education. More details about employment will be provided later, let’s see what the internship program includes:

  • Pre-learning assessment to identify your knowledge and build education in the most effective way;
  • Ability to shadow professionals from Excellent Plumbing team assigned to you getting respective experience and asking questions, the duration may reach several months;
  • After several months of shadowing you’ll be assisting to your mentor with simple tasks, so the certain level of confidence in your knowledge will be reached;
  • Completing the program by teaching you some tasks, which you will be able to perform without supervision from Excellent Plumbing experts.

Mentioned above tasks will provide you with the following skills:

  • Perform diagnostics and identify faults;
  • Evaluation of estimate costs and timelines of the repairs, communication it to the customers;
  • Handling pipes by cutting, bending, joining them;
  • Installing heating, water, drainage systems by your own;
  • Maintaining central heating systems, which work on gas, and their radiators;
  • Installing appliances connected to the plumbing system (washing machines, showers, sinks, dishwashers) and fixing them, if necessary;
  • Working with waterproof materials fitting different parts and joints made of them to walls, roofs, chimneys, and so on;
  • Dealing with emergent common issues like a blockage in pipes, drains, boiler’s malfunctions and so on.

The internship will provide you with the necessary experience to resolve the most common issues, will give you the whole picture of working days of a plumber, and will provide you with continuous support from the side of professionals. This is a good chance for further development, obtaining certifications from NVQ or City&Guilds, and becoming a demanded specialist with interesting work.


You’ll probably be surprised to know that you will pay nothing for a new profession. As learning is based on real cases, which require your participation, actually you’ll earn money for your work. You’ll be paid from the first day and will be able to work the full day with a respective decent level of remuneration.


One of the benefits of being a plumber is a variety of tasks and the absence of routine. Visiting clients at their homes and offering/providing different services like toilets overflow resolving, removal of clogs in drains, washing machines, and dishwashers, making small and serious repairs to appliances, cannot be the same from day to day.

One of the key skills and responsibilities is to perform diagnostics of the problem, finding its roots and removing it. Sometimes it can be a challenging task, but mostly the reasons are obvious. Thus, if you have problem-solving skills and like to help people the profession of a plumber will suit you.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that the plumbing service is a service provided to clients. It is necessary to explain the problem, provide information about ways of its resolving, the time required for that, and estimated cost and stay nice, polite and opened for any additional questions. The additional consultancies regarding best materials, issue preventing measures, and warranties can be requested by clients. So communication skills are not just welcomed but will help you to find your regular clients soon.


Plumbing issues happen every day and can appear at any home. They can bring lots of inconveniences and troubles. For example, a broken boiler in the winter is a huge problem for all family members. The plumber, who fixed it is treated almost like a hero because winter days without hot water can be really awful. Timely help provided by a plumber can save health preventing cold, mold, poison odors and many other dangerous things.

Any problem connected to plumbing is a huge stress for homeowners and the only people who are able to handle this are plumbers. Knowing work is useful, helpful and has real value may motivate it a lot.


The basic salary of an inexperienced plumber may reach $20 000 annually. When the necessary experience and regular client base have been earned the salary may reach $50 000 annually. In case you’ll find it is not enough you can open your own plumbing service, teach personnel and expand options for earnings.


The workload depends on the place you live and the number of tenants in your area. The main point is that there shouldn’t be worries regarding days without the work. Everybody uses water and respective appliances and everyday something happens to them, so the qualified expert is always demanded.


The first and main carrier opportunity is to develop skills and qualifications, so the prices for your work will appropriately grow. The second point is when you will achieve your respective experience and database you can open your own business and start to expand new areas providing more services to more people.


If you are interested in some of the opportunities described above or in all of them at once, just contact Excellent Plumbing via data specified in the respective section of our site. We’ll provide you with all the necessary details and answer any of your questions in order to help you make the right decision.

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