The Low and The Line-Voltage Difference?

Many people care the efficient resource spend, this is why an option of energy-efficient lighting became popular and widespread in households and businesses. The growth of interest in respect of low-voltage lighting requires more details that would disclose the main difference between low-voltage and line-voltage lighting.

Our certified electricians, who offer a variety of services at the Lincolnshire, gathered for your acknowledgment the main points regarding different types of electrical systems used, so you can manage the efficiency of your home.


Line voltage is the standard type of electrical configuration used for home lighting and considers the supply from building breaker system 120 or 277 volts for lighting devices. The same scheme and the same power are supplied to the most sockets and junction boxes, which lead us to the conclusion that line voltage devices installation is easy and doesn’t need to use additional transformers or operational systems.


In a low voltage lighting, the transformer should be used to make the amount of supplied voltage lower: from 120/170 v to 12/24v. The abovementioned transformer can be either built into the light device or to be located close to it along the circuit. The disadvantages of complicate installation and limitations in the location that comes down to being close to the transformer box are fully covered by benefits of safety because of the lower current-voltage and be more economic. Additionally, the light produced by low voltage systems has better quality is more natural and scatters better.


The phenomena of the economy achieved with low voltage light bulbs don’t relate to lower energy-consuming. Actually, such bulbs consume the same amount of electricity. The economy is achieved due to the higher quality of lighting, so the effect that can be achieved with a couple of standard bulbs will be easily received using one low voltage bulb. Additionally, the one such bulb serves for a longer time. The best places to apply low voltage bulbs are those, with the most often light usage and where the brighter light is required.

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