Urgent Measures in Case Transformer’s Explosion

It’s hard to imagine a modern household without such an important part as a transformer in Vernon Hills and all over North America. It is a key part of electrical setups situated in big cities and suburban zones. It’s damage or other functioning issues may lead to an explosion that can become dangerous in case it was improperly handled. The possible harm explains the necessity to know the main measures and actions to be taken in order to eliminate the negative effects of the transformer’s explosion. Understanding the reasons that led to trouble and being aware of the main steps to be performed in order to protect yourself may help you to stay safe. Our experts who work in Vernon Hills prepared a short guide to follow in case the blow of the transformer was noticed.


The essential electricity as itself that is distributed to consumers is too powerful to be delivered directly to their households or other premises. The reason why transformer considered as an important part of the local electrical grid is in its main function – regulating the voltage to the degree appropriate for consuming by the end-user.


A transformer is complex equipment there are lots of different reasons that may lead to a blow and even cause and fire. Main of them are listed below:

  • Lightning shots;
  • Wear;
  • Overheating mostly caused by wear;
  • Corrosion;
  • Damages happened to the electrical system;
  • Power surges;
  • Failed additional devised (e.g. safety devices);
  • Moisture;
  • Animals, a foreign object that got inside.

The signs of trouble that happened to the transformer are obvious. Usually, it comes down to the sound of the bowl, loss of electricity and lots of smoke, that could be caused by a fire in the transformer.


The main rule to be strictly followed does not come close to the failed transformer. It is dangerous to approach the blow by yourself, so the distance with the place of blow should be kept. It is rather possible that the provider noticed the failure, so the best decision is to wait for certified experts. The only possible help you may be given to electricians is to provide all necessary information regarding things happened.

In case you experience trouble with the transformer and respective electricity loss stay safe and don’t take any measures. It is useful to have candles and flashlights to be able to move inside and outside the house in the dark.

Please note, that depending on the degree of explosion happened and respective damage occurred the licensed electricians may need up to a few days for fixing the failure. In case the issue can be eliminated without transformer replacement it may take a few hours, instead of a few days.

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