Common Mistakes in AC Maintenance and the Way to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes in AC Maintenance and the Way to Avoid Them

People are willing to live in comfort and this is one of the most natural desires. One of the illustrations of such desires is an aspiration to live in a comfortable climate. Unfortunately, the weather cannot give it to us in full, so in the summertime, people are used to suffering from the heat. It explains why air conditioners became so popular: heat is exhaustive and the idea of having at home a place to chill looks rather attractive. Although while this type of appliance is planned to work for a lot of years, the purchasing costs are rather high.

One of the main requirements to comply with in order to use ACS for a long time is to provide it with proper regular maintenance and to following general recommendations for exploitation. Excellent Plumbing proposes you to acknowledge with a couple of simple rules, that will help you to avoid common mistakes regarding air conditioning system maintenance that shorten its exploitation period.


The efficiency of the air conditioner can be affected by the place of installation. In case the tool was installed at the southwest wall, that is affected by the sun at the peak of its activity (both sun’s and ACS) it may negatively influence its productivity. Mostly because equipment’s overheat leads to quick depreciation. Although this effect you will not feel immediately. What you will see immediately, is a decline in its effectiveness. Your ACS will require much more time for cooling the air than usual. Therefore, the best place to install the air conditioner is north and east of your home better in a shadow.


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