Does the Electrical Panel Require the Upgrade?

Does the Electrical Panel Require the Upgrade?

The good homeowners know that even old systems can be kept in good condition by following the maintenance schedule and regular checks for issues. Although, the electricity system is an exception. The long exploitation period may lead to significant depreciation of it and respective minor issues appearance. Over time the number of issues and the significance of their effects will grow, and the moment when the electrical system will become dangerous will happen.

The main point that is based on the wide experience with electrical issues resolved in Buffalo Grove is that old electrical panel should be replaced or at least upgraded for compliance with current technical requirements.

The decision on whether to replace or upgrade depends on the range of circumstances that should be considered. In our opinion, the first step is to analyze the current situation and determine what are the actions that are the most suitable for your situation and desires and what are general options and their benefits.


The electrical panel at home is the point of connection to the power municipal electric network. From there the electricity is distributed to different points of the house through circuits with a different voltage regulated by fuses and breakers.

The electrical panel is also known as the fuse box and can be easily found in technical premises such as the garage or separate utility room.

Over time people have developed modern systems that are safer than prior ones. This is why the upgrade of an old electrical panel to the current level of technologies is necessary to protect the house from circuits overload and fires caused by them. Another important side of the upgrade is efficiency and the economy brought together resulting in a decrease in electricity costs and safeties to the environment.


In case you have thoughts regarding updating the electrical systems at your place it would be a good idea to perform a kind of inspection and analysis over it. Our professionals from Buffalo Grove prepared a little questionnaire for those, who still have doubts. In case you at least once answered positively it is highly recommended to upgrade your electrical panel.


Was the house built more than 20 years ago?

Do fuses are still used at the electrical panel?

Does the panel perceptibly heat sometimes?

Are any unusual smells from the panel?

Did you notice frequent breakdowns of fuses and/or breakers?

Did you notice that all appliances are working at full?

Did you notice flicking/deeming of the light when appliances are turning on?

Did you plan to perform repairs and modernizations at home?

We hope that we helped you to understand better your needs and to take the correct decision-directed for safety and benefits. Please, note that in case you are ready for changes the only possible option is to involve experts with appropriate experience. It is dangerous to handle this issue by yourself or with unqualified staff and may cause serious harm to your property and health!

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