Don’t call the plumber ways

Don’t call the plumber ways

You can do it! The easiest ways to unblock the sink drain

Your family is very lucky if it has a handyman ready to fix anything that broken. But there are things, which is better to keep for professional, who have proper education and tools for such works.

What a nagging feeling, when you see the sink in the kitchen or bathroom or the toilet bowl blocked and the water rapidly overflows it! You need to know a few smart tips to stop this and remove the clog, at least till the plumber’s visit:

– Bubbling up water

If you are lost and don’t know what to do, try this method first. In most cases, it appears extremely effective and solves the problem in a minute. Put the kettle to boil and try to remove as much water as you can from the blocked sink. Then pour boiled water into the bowl and give it a time to stand. If after a while clog is still there, let the hot water cold and repeat the procedure again. After two or three tries the blockage should be removed.

– Removal of waste products

Before start panic ensure that the sink is not clogged by the disposals. It is very common when the pieces for food block the pipe and create a clog. To remove it, check the item underneath the bowl and clean it from the trash. It might help water to flush and clean the pipes for some time.

– Get rid of still water

As soon as you pill the sanitary ware from the water in it, put 0.5 cup of ordinary salt to the plumbing system and then cover with hot water. Keep it sit for a couple of minutes and flush again with boiling water to clear the pipes.

– Use soda

You should also dry the sink as much as you can. Then fill the drain with standard soda and pour enough quantity of any cider vinegar or white cider. The mixture stars to popple. Keep it for a while and flush with boiling water. Check if this helped to remove the clog, if not – repeat again.

– Salt with sodium

This option might take some time, so use it only if you don’t see any disaster coming. Mix a 0.5 cup of sodium with the same amount of ordinary salt. Fill the drain with this combination and let it sit for a few hours then pour with very hot water. If it does not help, try it again. This potion together with lemon juice also can remove the unpleasant smell from the pipes and toilet bowl. 

– Force cup

In case when all the above mentioned magic mixtures don’t work, you should have equipment for such kind of issues. The usual home plunger can be the best solution. If you bowl id double, close another hole with stopper or hand. Before plunging warm up the tool and create pressure between it and sink. Then start plunging several times, you will hear the sounds of suction – take off the tool and drop few liters of boiled water to the system.

– Plumbing traps

Also called P-traps, is the part of the pipe under the kitchen sink, which collected pieces of food, trashes a mud. When this item clogged, you need to remove it, threw away the trash, which stuck there, clean and put it in place.

– Drain snake

Sometimes this tool is also called an auger. It looks like a long, flexible piece of metal, which go through the pipe and clean it. After you inserted the snake to the plumbing system – you might feel the resistance – it means that you found the clog.

– Clothes hanger

Just in case if you don’t have the auger and you need to act right now, otherwise your house will over flooded, you coat hanger. This hand-made toll might work as a drain snake. Of course, it won’t reach as long as proper toll, but can help you to remove blockage near the discharge.

Remember the golden rule: it always easier to prevent the clog than removing it. Try not to flush food, trash and oil to the plumbing system, regularly examine it on breakages and you will avoid these unpleasant issues!

In addition, if the disaster had already happened, call Excellent Plumbing at 847-929-9229 and the qualified, professional assistance. We have a wide experience and proper tools from fast and smooth removing clogs from the pipes. Our office is based in Buffalo Grove, but you can book an appointment and we can drive in any city all over Illinois. You might also call for an emergency visit and we drive to your house as soon as possible. Call us and save your time and money.

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