Effective Way to Clean Your Carpets

Effective Way to Clean Your Carpets

The most often reasons for carpet being damaged by water are waterflood that happened or pipes leaking. Besides of unpleasant moisture appeared that is hard to fight, water infused carpet could be dangerous and bacteria and pathogens may be contained in it. This is why Excellent Plumbing recommends an effective method of carpet salvation – hot water extraction.


The opinion about equality of cleaning by steam and using hot water, extraction is erroneous. Actually, steam is undesirable for cleaning of flooded carpet because of a few reasons:

  • Steam may lead to stains left at the carpet after it is dried;
  • It is impossible to totally wash out special cleaning chemicals from the carpet using steam.

This is why hot water extraction doesn’t apply steam at all. And this is why hot water extraction is considered as an effective and therefore popular way for carpets cleaning.

The process of professional cleaning of carpets can be described in the next steps:

  • Dirt and other garbage are carefully removed applying a professional vacuum cleaner with high power;
  • Exact hot water extraction process, that includes your carpet coverage by hot water together with cleaning agents under the high pressure;
  • The chemical mix is thoroughly distributed on the carpet’s surface to remove grime and dirt;
  • Experts use a professional vacuum cleaner with high power to remove the mix of chemicals and dirt from the carpet;
  • If the damage is huge the abovementioned process should be repeated a few times. Additionally, a technician may add anti-microbial compositions in cleaning mix in order to avoid molding or breeding other bacteria.

Please note, that actually hot water extraction should be used not only for the restoration of damaged carpets but as part of home cleaning procedures and hygiene maintenance. It also helps to the extent of useful life and appropriate outward of the carpet.


Depending on what problem you are going to resolve you can rent special vacuum cleaners for personal usage. Actually, they will be less powered than professional equipment and will not be effective against deep dirt and cannot be applied for sanitizing purposes. All that is possible to reach renting such equipment is to clean minor stains from the surface.

You may also be aware, that only professional equipment that is inaccessible for masses can:

  • inject hot water under the appropriate level of pressure together with cleaning chemicals;
  • appropriately gather a mix of water and dirt from your carpet;
  • give you surety that all wet will be removed and carpet will be dried appropriately.


Some types of water damage have a high destruction level, so hot water extraction will not help you in carpet restoration. Such cases require to replace any flooded part of your house starting from carpets and ending by furniture and walls because some types of pathogens and bacteria cannot be removed even by professional vacuum cleaners. Please refer below for examples of such destruction:

  • Blackwater flood is the case when water contains human waste, raw sewage exposure;
  • Structural damages found under the carpet;
  • Damage caused warping or bloating of wooden things.

In case the water damaged your property, you can also contact Excellent Plumbing. Our experts will provide you with professional cleaning and drying or consult you about any questions you have.

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