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How to control flood water?

Excellent Plumbing  Double Guard Flood Control System is our number one specialty and product. It is installed on the house sanitary sewer line and consists partly of two brass flappers (encased in a cast iron body) that open and close, thus allowing sewage and waste water to flow from the house to the street, but not allowing sewage and waste water to backflow from the municipal sewer lines toward the house. The flappers are fully automatic and activate mechanically just by water flow.

Flood control service price

Flood control – 100.00 $

Also, we put in a cast iron overflow, and a pump basin where an ejector pump is installed. The purpose of the ejector pump is to discharge any waste water that comes from the house when the municipal sewer lines are backing up and the two flappers are closed. The ejector pump then discharges the house waste water through a 2 inch copper piping and a inline check valve on the “outside” of the two brass flappers.

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