Hail Danger Regarding AC

Hail Danger Regarding AC

Chicago’s climate is known as humid that includes cold winters, piercing winds, and stormy summers. Actually, thunderstorms are an ordinary event here. This fact can be confirmed by any local. It is not too unusual to experience storms with lightning, thunder, hail and even tornadoes in the summertime in Chicago area.

It is impossible to live in Chicago and does not experience the hail. Sooner or later each house will be attacked by the ice fallen from the sky, like for example Minooka residents, who got into the hail measuring almost 5 inches in diameter being the same large as grapefruit.

However, a hail of any size can seriously damage your property, especially the HVAC system and particularly air conditioner. After a hail storm, an inspection of your ACS is required in order to estimate possible damage. Excellent Plumbing recommends to start the inspection from the following:


The external part of the housing is damaged by hail in a first turn. Actually, it spoils only the look of the conditioning equipment making it not so attractive. But, obviously, this is the purpose of housing – to serve as a kind of protection to mechanisms. Anyway, the air conditioning functionality and effectiveness cannot be affected in case of minor dents. So ACS will work in a usual manner.


In the case of hail with large hailstones, coils may get into danger and be broken. Broken coils together with hail may cause leaks in copper coils situated inside your air conditioner. Such a leak will lead to another one, and this time you are risking to lose Freon. As a result of the Freon leaking air conditioner will not be able to cool air properly.


Electrical lines that serve for the connection of thermostat and outdoors condenser may be also affected by hail. Damage of electrical lines will be the reason why your ACS is unpowered. The only way to fix it and turn on the tool is to repair the lines.


The most vulnerable parts of the air conditioner are fan blades, that are usually damaged in most cases. Actually, even insignificant hail affected them may lead to wobbles up to break off the blades. If they will not be repaired in time, the internal mechanism may be damaged too, that is much more expensive to be repaired,

In case you experienced hail in a meanwhile you should consider air conditioner may be damaged. Excellent Plumbing may help you to detect whether such damage happened and provide you with necessary repair works if any of them will be required.

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