HVAC Maintenance in Summer

Not the calendar says to us, the summer came, but the high temperatures and the heat. It’s time for actively using air conditioners, which leads to the high intensity of the HVAC explosion. Therefore, the summer is the time when HVAC requires special maintenance, which is important for the homeowners’ health.

Emergency Plumbing prepared some tips regarding specific summer maintenance of HVAC systems, which may help you to avoid breakdowns or other damages to your unit, so you will never face the heat, at least inside your house.


It is a wise decision to prepare your HVAC system for active work before the season start. This may allow you to prevent any breakdowns in the middle of the season and check whether your HVAC system if effective enough, and fix issues if any. This step should be never skipped because during the summer tune-up the technician will check the system and inspect it for possible malfunctions, change the filters and prepare it for the season.


Summer affects the usual schedule, starting from children’s holidays at school and ending by the vacation time. This should be taken into account when setting the thermostat, so it will be more effective and energy-efficient. Below you can find the major changes happened in summer, which should be considered setting the thermostat:

  • Rescheduled sleeping hours, considered wake-ups later than usual, for example, because you don’t need to take kids to school, and fell asleep later because the day is longer;

  • More days, when the family is planning to spend together at home or have guests;

  • Summer activities, which are held outside.

In case you have plans for long traveling, it is worth to set the holding period, so you will spend less energy and will be more efficient. In case you have the smart thermostat or it can be connected to Wi-Fi the probability of human error becomes insignificant, so no extra power spend is possible.


The airflow directly influences the efficiency of air conditioning and makes the microclimate on the living area more comfortable. Below you may find tips on how the airflow can be improved and the air conditioning quality made higher.

Keep an eye at the HVAC filters and replace them regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the atmosphere’s pollution in the area you live in. Please, keep in mind, that filters used to fill up with dust and debris faster in the summertime, because the system is used more intensive. Ensure the filter is still can be used not less than once per month and replace it, if necessary. Additionally, you can consult with the HVAC operator in order to determine another filter type with higher MERV, so it can be used for a longer period, better protect from allergens and dust.

Keep an eye at the air conditioner’s exterior, clean it regularly, especially after grass cutting or lawn maintenance, cause these removed parts to accumulate inside the condenser at the same time blocking fins, so the heat cannot leave the system.

Check that there are no items close to the air conditioners outside part which can block the air outflow. Check it for accumulated debris and clean it regularly. In case you have bushes or trees there, cut them or remove far away.

Check your vents for blockages, they all should be opened together with register louvers. Keeping them closed doesn’t allow us to save energy. Take away from vents such things as carpets, furniture or other items, which may block airflow, which should have free circulation.


Summer brings high air humidity level, which becomes a problem for homeowners. The sticky heat used to get inside the home from outdoors, making feeling indoors unpleasant and uncomfortable. Although the issue can be resolved with the HVAC system following the next tips:

Install the dehumidifiers in addition to your HVAC system, which together will take away the excess moisture from the air. Although the HVAC system is used to make air drying, they cannot handle with summer humidity, so additional equipment as whole-house dehumidifiers may be required.

Check that the condensate properly leaves the HVAC system, otherwise the humidity indoors may become higher.

In case you still have some questions, the Emergency Plumbing team is ready to clarify everything for you. You can contact us at any time you feel comfortable, so our experts will provide you with receptive consultations.

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