How to Check Freon Leaking?

How to Check Freon Leaking?

The functionality of air conditioners is based on a physic reaction results: releasing cold/heat during liquid/gas change its physical state. So the air is cooled at the moment when the special refrigerant turns to gas from being a liquid. In most cases as a special refrigerant is used a Freon. There is a normal loss of Freon during the ACS work cycle, although abnormal loss leads to inappropriate work of air conditioner, so no cool will be produced.

Excellent Plumbing gathered three ways to check whether any Freon leak happened to your air conditioning system. For details, please see below:


As was mentioned above, the abnormal loss of Freon will lead to no cool produced. So if you found your AC creates an airflow, that is not cold enough, it is rather possible ASS if out of Freon.


The thermostat is needed not only for setting the desired temperature level but for signs that it was achieved. As soon your room chilled to the specified degree, your air conditioner will stop the cycle. In case long cycles were noticed by you it may evidence air conditioner needs more time for cooling a space, probably because of Freon leaking.


As a result of previously mentioned reasons, your air conditioner will consume more energy during its work. This will lead to a significant increase in amounts you will pay for energy. So in a case, when energy became much more expensive for you without any reasons it is probable you have a Freon leak at your air conditioner.

Freon leaking is prevented by annual maintenance provided by professionals. Within the tuning, the level of Freon will be checked and refilled if necessary to make it enough for all the summertime. Excellent Plumbing will be glad to help you with it and to provide other works regarding your HVAC system.

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