How to Check the Correct Size of AC?

How to Check the Correct Size of AC?

Some clients are wondered when they are told about the necessity of preliminary measurements at house places instead of the simple equipment selling. However, this preparatory step is performed by reputable companies specialized in HVAC systems in order to fit the size of the air conditioning system you require.

Of course, two house owners may purchase the same models of AC, but at the same time, the required size if depend on a variety of house specifications. The inappropriate size of the equipment may cause different malfunctions and affect the productivity of the air conditioner acquired. It explained the reason why the air conditioner should fit the size.

Below you may find common problems caused by air conditioner with inappropriate size.

The air conditioner is working while the desired temperature set at the thermostat will be reached at the house. For cases where ACS is oversized temperature will be lowered rapidly by pumping cold air at a quicker rate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean the home will be cooled faster, although it seems to be so. The truth is that the working cycle becomes shorter so the house cannot be cooled in a proper manner. In case you noticed the cycle lasts less than 10 minutes it is probable that you have oversized equipment.


Although the main function of ACS is to make the air colder, the additional function is air drying. As was mentioned above, oversized units have a shorter working cycle, which leads to a shortage the time for air drying. So you have a risk of high humidity level at your home.


Air conditioners work on a continuous cycle basis, which means once one cycle was completed the other starts. The shorter cycle is the more often it runs. The more cycles were performed and the faster equipment is depreciated. In addition, the more energy it spends and the more you will pay for utilities.

Oversized equipment cannot bring a desirable level of comfort to the house but can bring malfunctions and expenses for repairs. In case you have noticed some signs described above, you may call Excellent Plumbing, so we will help you to choose the size that will fit your place more.

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