Probably everyone was in a situation when it is necessary to deal with the spill of water. So we understand that different severity of the water spill requires different actions. All of these actions should be quick enough, but before doing something you need to clearly understand what exactly will be the most appropriate now. And some cases obviously require emergency professional help from plumbing company, but in case of a small water spill, you will be able to handle it by yourself. Here is a short list of things that you will need in such a situation:

  •  a few dry towels;
  • wet/dry vacuum cleaner and box fans (ask your neighbors to borrow them if it is possible);
  • dehumidifier (probably your neighbors are not owners of one of them, so to rent it in some local tool rental business will be a decision).

For example, aquarium was broken in a room and all the water from it spilled on the floor where the carpet lays. So you have significant water spill. Although it is limited and still not serious enough to call professional plumbers. To remove consequences of such breakdown, please see tips below:

If the source of the water is not limited (unlikely to example with an aquarium) and the water flows from a pipe or overflowing sink, immediately shut the water off to stop the tide of new water.

Use prepared before wet/dry vacuum cleaner to remove as much water as it is possible and soak up the rest of the water with towels.

Using turn box fans and ceiling fans the air in the room can be dried, additionally you may use dehumidifiers.

If these tips don’t work for your particular case, it means that your spill is too serious to handle it by yourself and you need to call Excellent Plumbing to avoid long-term damage.

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Sometimes it happens, when drain clogging suddenly appears. If the problem will not be removed immediately, it can cause lots of problems. For example, sinks or bath, or shower, or toilet will be unavailable for usage. Additionally, chronical clog may appear, so the risk of water leaking and even floods becomes rather probable. As the result, homeowner may spend lots of time and money for restoration from the water damage and repair works.

One of the simple ways to remove clog is to apply ready chemical mix that is available in any market directly to clogged drain. Although sometimes you need to act fast, while you do not have this mix at home. Another reason to find alternative option is toxicity of chemicals offered by markets and damage that they can cause to you pipes.

Excellent Plumbing offers simple, cheap and effective alternative, that may be prepared at home with things you may have. Such method will not only save you pipes, but prevent chemicals going into the environment and leading to pollution.

So prepare next ingredients:

  • Baking soda – half of a cup;
  • Vinegar – full cup;
  • Hot water.

Steps to be performed:

  • Take off the stopper from the drain;
  • Pour off soda directly into the drain and add vinegar to it;
  • Give this mix 10 minutes to process with clog;
  • Flush the hot water;
  • Return stopper at its place.

In case drain wasn’t maintained for a while, and clog appeared is rather big, the procedure should be repeated for couple of times. In case it didn’t help it may evidence more serious problem, so professional help can be required. You can always contact Excellent Plumbing for consulting, problem identification, cleaning and other plumbing services.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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