There could be different reasons for the necessity of showerhead change: old model, that should be updated, desire to have more economy of lower water flow with another model or breakdown of the previous one. Anyway, in spite of the fact the process is considered to be simple, there are a lot of common harmful mistakes to be avoided. Here are some tips from Excellent Plumbing for you, to acknowledge with the correct approach in showerheads replacement.

Qualified professionals from Excellent plumbers developed an easy guideline for you to follow in order to perform showerhead replacement. Firstly, you may check do you have required toolset as following:

  • Adjustable wrench/set of channel lock pliers;
  • Teflon tape, or so-called plumber’s tape, that is used to be the same;
  • Currently acquired showerhead.

Next steps to be performed are:

  • Use your wretch in order to remove an old showerhead. Please, notice, to avoid breakdown of shower arm it is necessary to hold it during removal.
  • Clean shower arm from all dirties: materials left after removal, dirt, old Teflon tape and so on.
  • Use new Teflon tape on pipes threads.
  • Attach a new showerhead to the shower arm tightly using wretch again.
  • To avoid twisting or even breaking channel locks should be also used for shower arm holding.
  • To avoid scratches on shower arm, the channel locks jaws should be wrapped by Teflon tape.
  • Working of a new showerhead is required to be checked by turning the water flow on and turning it off in order to check leaks or other inappropriate things.


In case of the shower arm started to lick or have been damaged or leaking, it may be necessary to replace it. Excellent Plumbing prepared some tips for this situation as well. So you need to:

  • Hold shower arm, while slowly and accurately unscrewing it moving in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Remove all debris or dirt after shower arm removal. Put female fitting inside the wall using pipe dope to the female threads.
  • Use Teflon tape in order to wrap each male end of the shower arm.
  • Take the new shower arm, place it to the prepared in the previous steps hole and start screwing in a clockwise direction. Be careful, tightening the shower arm: use a pair of channel locks with its jaws wrapped with Teflon tape and don’t tight too much in order to avoid breakdown.
  • After installation, it is necessary to check on leaks.


It became popular to use a special showerhead with tropical rain imitation. In case you are going to acquire such, you should consider the following:

Check whether you have the appropriate size of your shower;

Be careful with an angle of the showerhead, check it when it is installed. In case of inappropriate installation, water will dribble out from the one side.

For achieving a tropical shower effect, shower arm should be placed at a 90-degree angle. In practice, it may be different even for professionals licensed for plumbing.

Be careful with tropical showerheads. Basically, they were designed to safe water, but often in practice, it increases its consummation comparing to usual showerheads with low flow.


In case you feel unconfident about self-installation or require additional professional consultations you may call Excellent Plumbing. Our qualified plumbers are licensed for such cases. We will help you in a case on any issues, provide with required advice, consult you regarding possible models of showerheads to be purchased. Excellent Plumbing is available for any of service describe above and more, if needed.

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