Increase Air Quality Indoors and Forget About the Allergy

It is always good to know the winter has ended and the spring brought warmth, grass, blossoms and fresh air. Unfortunately, many of us cannot enjoy this beautiful season and feel the change in full, because of the allergy suffering. Moreover, people, who are subjects of the allergens, try to spend most of its beautiful bloom time at home, where the influence of the environment is much less.

Emergency Plumbing realizes how important is to have a personal cozy place, which is not affected by external factors. Especially, we understand the importance to have a personal oasis for those, who have tired from sneezing during the long day and just want to have a rest at home. This is why we propose an effective solution – increasing the indoor air quality, which means to reduce the number of different microparts and microorganisms in the air and making the environment at home clear and safe. Please note, that May is considered to be the peak for allergens, so it would be a good idea to be prepared before it comes.


It is common for our clients to ask, why there are so many allergies at home, while all the sources such as trees, blooms, grass and so on are situated outside. The same obvious the answer is. The pollen is represented by microparts that can easily travel at your place with you at the clothes, shoes, thought the opened window or windows with small cracks and even can be brought by your pet at its hair.

However, the pollen’s travels don’t end by getting at your place. It will be moved around the house because of the natural air circulation produced by your heating/cooling system. So, what is possible to do with that?


Happily, the experts from the Emergency Plumbing prepared a couple of hints for you. Please follow the next steps to increase air quality and minimize allergens’ effects at home.


Now, when you know major ways the allergen comes to your home, you may avoid it by slight correction of personal habits. So:

  • Shorten or avoid the time being outside during mid-morning/mid-afternoon hours. This is the time, then pollen concentration is the highest.
  • Keep your shoes outside, don’t bring it at home.
  • In case it is impossible to change shoes outside, prepare 2 different doormats: inside and outside to clear more pollen before coming home.
  • Keep your clothes clean and change it quickly, when coming home. After the laundry makes sure you dry it indoors, so you will not bring more allergens at your place at your clean clothes.
  • Take a shower frequently, to clean hair and skin from allergens.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are properly closed, so no extra pollen will come inside with drafts. Check them for possible cracks or gaps and perform repairs, is necessary.


When you changed your habits and started to observe simple rules decreasing the number of allergens at your place the second step can be performed. Clear your house from allergens and increase the air quality for you and your close people by the following actions:

  • Use your vacuum cleaner with filters and clean the dust from all surfaces more frequently.
  • Refuse using rugs and carpet for some time, while the peak will be gone. These cozy things accumulate dust and pollen, so they are harmful to you.
  • Put special attention to bedding and windows cleaning them regularly and removing dust and pollen from them.
  • Try to use fewer fans, including ceiling fans, so pollen which got inside will be not moved over your place.
  • We have already talked about cozy carpets, but the same applies to your fluffy pets. Of course, you cannot refuse them in attention, but please wash them more frequently too.
  • Properly maintain your filters.

Apply air purification equipment together with air conditioning, that will effectively clear the air from the allergens.


I case you will follow our advice mentioned above and will keep windows and doors tightly closed in order don’t let the pollen come inside, you might need to use your HVAC system to create a comfortable microclimate at home. In this case, you should remember that pollen can move through ventilation while the process of air circulating will be maintained. This is why certain kinds of defense to your air may be required. There is a way to manage air and its circulation, clear it from allergens and create a healthy atmosphere at home for you and your family. For these purposes, an air purification system installation would be a wise decision.

One of the most popular and effective systems of air purification is The PureAir™ S related to Dave Lennox Signature® Collection. It is aimed to fight mold and its spores, dust and pollen, pets dander and succeed for 99,9% in it. Using this purification system may be crucial during the creation of healthy and comfortable conditions at the house.

Additionally, to be sure the air is clear is it necessary to monitor moisture level. In case it exceeds the normal level the favorable environment for mold growth and dust mites breeding is created. Thereby, it would be also a great idea to install the home-whole dehumidifier, which may help you to keep the appropriate level of moisture indoors (approx. 40-50%).  Such systems perform their function together with air conditioners by extracting excessive humidity from the air.

Emergency Plumbing advises doing not wait for spring with the peak of allergens and prepare for it in advance, which may allow minimizing adverse effects at health and feelings. If you want to learn more about how to protect your family and yourself from pollen, contact our experts, so we can provide an exhaustive consultation for you!

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