Although you may have insurance, be ready for possible misunderstanding and unclear moments in respect of coverage of water damage insurance case. Options and opportunities may be significantly different depending on an insurance provider, insurance package, insurance amount paid and so on. Based on a huge experience Excellent Plumbing offers you to acknowledge the most important things to be included and stated in your police for appropriate coverage. Please, refer below:


  • Bursts in pipes;
  • Sewer backups (or so-called fill-ups in insurance agreements);
  • Malfunctions and overflows, fill-ups and discharges;
  • Damages caused by weather: ice affecting, snow melting, tornadoes and so on.

Your insurance provider will give you more information regarding terms stated in your agreement responding to your request, so you will be fully informed in case of some emergent events. Please, notify that conditions of your coverage fully depends on homeowner’s policy guide and respective deductibles.

Usually, problems caused by unexpected water damage are covered by insurance, while ongoing or structural problems aren’t.

Before external plumbing services start work, the first step will be contacting to your insurance provider in order to determine coverage, which may depend on the reason and extent of the damage. This is why some coverage may not be done in full.

Excellent Plumbing will assist you in cooperation with insurance companies and/or local adjusters. We will help to document all necessary information regarding damage, losses, and situation before any repairs. Although is work done and its results also will be documented. Experiencing Excellent Plumbing service makes you feel free from additional headaches and provides with good service and results of it.

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