Is this discharging or plumbing issue?

Is this discharging or plumbing issue?

Is this discharging or plumbing issue?

You might be confused as drain issues and plumbing are almost the same things. Both related to the piping system and in both cases, you need to escalate to an experienced plumber. But let’s see if it really is.

When I need to understand what kind of problem I faced with: plumbing or discharging one simple rule crosses to my mind. Here it is.

Clear water IN means plumbing issue. If the problem related with clear water, which goes in your house and running on pipes you need to fix the plumber

Grey water OUT from the building means that you need to look at the problem into the drainage system. For instance, it might be a clogged sink or toilet bowl.

To make your life easier we created the list of the most common water pipes and discharging issues, so could easily distinguish them.

Frequent drain issues

  • Slack or blocked up drainage of your toilet bowl, dishwasher, shower and kitchen. It also might cause still water in the bath or shower.
  • Sewer manifold might be got out of work or start leaking
  • Bottom chamber of tank broke or leaking
  • Pumping point not functioning
  • Frequent plumbing issues
  • Leaking valves
  • Reduction of pressure in the taps
  • Absence of water
  • Dripping from the sprinkler system
  • Flowing or even overflowing toilet bowl
  • Holes in pipes (you can identify them by wet speckles on the floor)

So you found out the problem and need to find the best solution for it. Please note that repair of the draining system is extremely hard to process and need the person, who knows what he is been doing. If you decided to call to plumbing company, please specify if they faced with discharging issues before. Professionals from Excellent Plumbing fixed a wide range of draining problems in all over Illinois and have a proper qualification and equipment for it.

In fact, proper equipment is one of the major points in fixing drains. For instance, the jetting (high-pressure) machine might need. If the plumber, you called does not have it – the problem can’t be solved.

Also, Excellent Plumbing use drains inspection camera to identify the issue and make the diagnose of your pipes. It is very important to see if all your plumbing system in good condition to avoid more leaks in future. Experts from Excellent Plumbing are flexible to move in any city of Illinois and advise if your piping system is in working condition to avoid unexpected breaks and save you money.

So know you know the difference between discharging and plumbing issues. Hope it will help you to find the right person to help you if some unpleasant situation occurs. If you will hire the plumbing company, please let them know what kind of problem you have and they will spend less time fixing it. You also can visit our office in Buffalo Grove and receive qualified advice from our professionals on a wide range of plumbing services.

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