How to Change and Oven: from Hardwired to The Plugged-In One

How to Change and Oven: from Hardwired to The Plugged-In One

It often happens that appliances ordered in stores are delivered together with a cord that is not aimed to be plugged into the socket but should be hardwired directly to the house. The ovens are the most widespread appliances that have the problem of incompliance of the cord with electrical setup at home. I case you got in such a little trouble or just planning to acquire the oven it will be useful to get knowledge regarding oven converting from hardwired to plugged-in.

Our professionals, who work around Barrington for years, can help you to convert ovens in two ways: either by the advice, that you may find below, or directly as a service involved in the process of transformation. If you are looking for information on how to make your appliances compatible you may also call us for preliminary consulting.


The first step to be done is receiving the consultation from the certified electrician in order to keep yourself safe and avoid dangerous accidents. Mistakes done during any changes applied to devices may cause shocking or fire. Please, ensure that the person, who is going to perform the change have appropriate experience and skills. Such a person will know details on the steps described below:


So, in case you decided you are ready to perform the transformation on your own, the first thing to be done is the reconciliation of the ID on the oven with the ID of your circuit breaker. In case of any misstatements were found it is necessary to call a qualified electrician for further actions. In case no differences were identified:

  • inspect the outlet that is planned for oven plug-in;
  • determine whether 4 or 3 prong plug will be used;
  • prepare necessary for adoption equipment.



Take the oven’s cord and cut it back. Then separate each wire located inside and note which ones are hot, neutral and grounded. In case you are transforming to 4-prong plug there should be 2 hot wires, and 1 neutral and ground, while 3-prong plug doesn’t have neutral one. Then wires should be carefully stripped back.



Take the new plug prepared earlier and expose receptacles. Connect the receptacles and prepared in the previous step wires. Be attentive and connect only respective pairs, don’t mix up!

Ensure that there is no cooper on any wire at the places of connection with receptacles. In case you found some these wires should go into 2 steps again: be cut stripped back and then connected again.


Use electrical tape for wires wrapping together and the beginning of the plug. This way they shouldn’t be exposed no more. Then the housing plug should be closed and the point of the connection of plug and cord may be wired with tape again. Use the test kit for checking the proper operating of the plug of the oven before plugging with an outlet.

In case you still have any questions or require some clarification you may always ask our experts for consultation or advice. We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-868-1800 and save your time and money with us! Trust professionals!

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