Following Gas Safety Rules

It’s people nature do not worry about things, which haven’t happened yet. Although it would be much wiser to apply regular preventing measures and follow simple safety rules when it comes to gas safety. The approach to be followed is very similar to maintaining a car: there should be regular maintenance provided by experts (a certified engineer who deals with gas) in order to be safe from unexpected malfunctions and their consequences.


There is even a well-known initiative called a Gas Safety Week, which is aimed to inform people about the importance of following gas safety rules and increase of awareness ratio. The other point of it is too remind tenants about the periodical maintenance works and to enforce them perform them.


  • The main risks of disregarding regular testing of your gas equipment are:
  • Carbon monoxide outburst caused by malfunctions of gas boilers, cookers, fires;
  • Gas leakages causing poisoning and death;
  • Fires/explosions.


Unfortunately, there is still a high percentage of people who have suffered from troubles described above, although there are simple rules to follow in order to avoid all of it. Excellent Plumbing is going to share them with you:


  • Gas appliances and devices can be installed and maintained exclusively by certified engineer;
  • Dealing with a gas engineer don’t be shy to ask for license/certificate and documents, otherwise, it may cost you life. Check the list of services allowed to be performed to those you ordered;
  • Perform at least annual check of all your gas equipment and appliances;
  • Remember the main signs of carbon monoxide poisoning: headaches, feeling sick, dizziness, breathlessness, feeling of losing consciousness;
  • Be attentive to the unusual signs during the work of appliances: weak yellow flame, unknown black spot at the appliance, too much condensate produced;
  • Install the carbon monoxide alarm system with loud sound;
  • Use gas appliances exclusively according to their intended purposes;
  • Ensure your gas equipment is installed at the space, which is appropriately ventilated.


If you need more details ask Excellent Plumbing for further clarification. If you need a special alarming system you can request for respective services at Excellent Plumbing and we will install it for you!

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