Plumber’s diary: Nine must-have items to get a clogged pipe

Plumber’s diary: Nine must-have items to get a clogged pipe

As you might imagine sometimes plumbers find unexpected things in the piping system.  They come to your house to clear the clogged pipe from sewers, but can’t handle it without special equipment. Professionals from Excellent Plumbing had many of these issues in Illinois when after a while, it appears that pipe clogged by the stuff like grain, dead rodents or even clothes.

Of course, some problems we can predict (for example dead animals), but you can be smarter and not flush in the toilet thing, which wasn’t supposed to be there. The thing is, the call of professional plumber cost approximately from 100 to 500 dollars, depending on issue. We know have to save your money. Don’t allow these nine things to get to your pipes.

Grain, peels and parings

Although these things are quite small, you shouldn’t flush them neither on the kitchen nor in the toilet. They can germinate in your pipes and likely create the clog you can’t handle by the plunger

Faecula and the other stringy food.

Remember: the toilet is not the garbage can. Just imagine: what will happen with your pasta in a water pipe? The portion you just threw away will double under the influence of water. And rest assured, you will call the plumber shortly.

Motor oil, grease and fats

You should never flush something fat in the sinks (no matter in the kitchen or in the bathroom). In time it will make your pipes thinner and create a blockage. It might cost you a replacement of pipes in the building. So just, try to avoid it.

Feminine hygiene products and cotton

We don’t want to write much about it. You should understand. Just please: Stop. Flushing. It. Forever

Wet wipes and sponges

Well, it looks like flushable. And they might leave your drainage system. But these things are not falling apart and accumulate in the municipal piping system. This kind of clog requires massive repair and takes a lot of time.

Cat’s toilet

All these materials (sand, silica or clay) aim to absorb liquid and extremely dangerous for your pipes. It will create a blockage once goes to your pipe. So don’t ever try to flush it into the toilet bowl.

Egg shucks

You might hear the legend about eggshells that help to clear the drainage system. Not true! All these stuff (which by the way almost the same as sand) accumulates in the pipe and in time cause a clog


Everyone who has kids understand: toys are everywhere! And it’s really hard to explain kids not go through them (especially small ones) into the toilet. Once our experts were called to remove the clog from the pipe. We used different equipment and looks like the clog was far in the pipe system. After a couple of hours, we got a baby doll from the main pipe. Now we always strongly recommend keeping the toys far from the toilet.

Fabric, hair and floss thread

It not hard to understand that hair, floss tucks into balls, and create a blockage of the drainage system. It no so hard to plunge this kind of clog, but after removing it you have to smell a disgusting odour caused by these balls.

If you understand that something from the above thing might be flushed into your pipes, don’t hesitate and dial the plumber right now. You call the office of Excellent Plumbing in Buffalo Grove and we are flexible to drive in any city all over Illinois. Let’s save your time and money together!

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