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How often do you encounter troubles such as a broken pipe, stagnant water in the sink, or an unpleasant odor? These are incidents that catch you by surprise and cause a stressful situation. So, how can you avoid it? If you want to be sure that tomorrow you will not have an unexpected collapse, you should do plumbing inspections.

So, is it preferable to do such checks? You may not be aware of small breakages that cannot be detected on your own. Over time, this can grow into a larger problem that will be difficult to fix. Also, if you are planning to move to a new home, you should make sure that it will be safe for you.

If you want to avoid sudden troubles in your house, call plumbing inspections services. It will help you save your days and money, which you no longer need to spend on fixing collapses. Excellent Planning will take care of the comfort in your house.

What does a plumbing inspection include?

In order to protect you from unwanted troubles, we offer you complete plumbing inspection services. It involves several steps.  

  • First of all, our workers check the piping. It is a place that can be the root cause of all breakdowns. That is why this is one of the most important stages of an inspection. Workers use special equipment that helps them find what damage is hidden inside quickly.  

  • Our next task is checking all toilets, washbasins, showers, hose bibs, faucets, and faucets. Workers will find out if there is a normal flow of water everywhere. They make sure that it drains well and water does not return. These are some of the most famous troubles people face.  

  • We also check out water heaters. Most often, this malfunction occurs because it may be too small for the number of users. Its functionality can be insufficient. As a result, it may break down. 

After plumbing inspections, we will inform you of all the demands, which we have found. We will also tell you what solution we think is best to fix them. 



Why do I need a plumbing inspection?

Let’s look at the benefits of yearly inspections. Therefore, you are not insured against troubles that may occur at any time. If you want your house to be safe and comfortable, you need to take care of it from time to time. Don’t wait until you have to deal with complex breakdowns. At the same time, you will save money and nerves.

So, can you do plumbing inspections by yourself? Yes, you can. However, it can be not effective. It is because the slight damage can be invisible. That is why you can notice only the consequences of them. Then, they will progress over time. It can lead to a pipe break or water leakage. So, you can’t prevent these troubles by yourself. It is one of the reasons why people report breakdowns only when they are long-lasting and unprofitable. That is why it is better to call the plumbing inspection services.

Why should you entrust checking your plumbing to professionals? Our workers will check all the faults you have noticed and fix them. We will also find what may be their root cause. It is a process that requires appropriate tools and skills. We work on a step-by-step plan that ensures the detection of all faults. We also explain to you all our decisions so that you can be sure of the correctness of our actions.

Plumbing inspection cost is $100- $400. You get a guaranteed inspection of the whole house for this money. So, why is it better for you not to save on this? We will tell you about the consequences of this. It will help you understand that an early check is actually the biggest savings for you.

So, one of the reasons why people do not do plumbing inspections in time is a reluctance to spend money. However, this can lead to more serious troubles. First of all, you have to understand that demands become more unprofitable over time. That is why it is better to fix them immediately. You will avoid costs not only for their repair but also for the consequences that this may cause. If there is a water leak in the room, it can lower your walls or floor. As a result, you will pay twice or three times more. Also, keep in mind that this also affects the increase in water bills. They will also accumulate over time. That is why it is better to prevent such troubles in advance.

If you want your house to be safe and comfortable, do plumbing inspections. You will not be nervous because of a suddenly cracked pipe or because of water that does not drain into the sink. Protect yourself from such troubles that may catch you by surprise. It is better to take care of their avoidance in advance. It is enough to call specialists once in four years to help you with this. However, if you live in an old house, you should do it more often. It is needed to detect the damage that is invisible to you. Therefore, contact professionals who have the appropriate skills and equipment for this. Our Excellent Planning service guarantees you a detailed check, which will help prevent unprofitable troubles.

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