Reasons Explaining Light Bulbs Burning Out Too Fast

One of the common electrical problems people face is a light bulb that burns out in a very short period without any obvious reason. The average lifecycle of the incandescent light bulbs is up to 900 hours (near 4 months) and depends on the intensity of the lightening used.

In case you have also experienced the same issue of a light bulb burning out too fast it may be evidence of the more serious problem than just defective bulb.

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Several widespread factors could explain light bulbs burning out quickly. Below we gathered the most common factors and respective solutions to help you with this unpleasant issue.


The overheating is the process that significantly shortens the useful life of the lighting bulb. The light bulbs can become too hot due to several factors: in case the light bulb’s wattage is incompliant with the light fixture wattage or in case there is no proper insulation. There are 2 respective decisions: check the comparability of the lighting bulb with the fixture and check the insulation on the cell. If there is too much insulation it makes the bulb work “too hard”, so it overheats and burns out quickly.


One of the factors that also shortens the useful life of the light bulb is its movements. This is typical for lamps with fans, bulbs in garages or basements. The issue is resolved easily by using LED lamps or applying rough service.


Sometimes during the screwing of the lamp into the fixture, it can be done too tight, so the metal connection tab can be deformed at the bottom of the socket. As a result, the connection between the fixture and the bulb will become weaker and the bulb will flick during its working state. While it is flicking, the lamp is working “too hard” and the useful life is becoming shorter. The problem can be fixed if carefully pull the tab a little bit forward, so the connection will be restored.

As another reason for bad connection, the light fixture’s damaged wire can be named. In case you have doubts regarding which is a real reason for the poor connection, please contact certified experienced electricians for help. For example, our team working in the Hawthorne Woods will be glad to consult you regarding any issue or questions that need to be clarified.


The too high voltage set at home makes light bulbs burn out all over the house. If you noticed that some light bulbs burnt out at the same time or one after another in a short period, request for help from the licensed electrician to have safety and proper problem solution.

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