Red Flags for Urgent AC Maintenance

Red Flags for Urgent AC Maintenance

An air conditioning system is an important tool in the house, that is actively used in the summertime. This is why spring is the best time to check whether ACS is ready for the new season and whether it will work properly during a couple of really hot months.


Anyway, the 100% surety in good functioning of ACS may be reached only in case of regular maintenance, so no malfunctions are expected. This way homeowners can ensure that comfort and cozy atmosphere at home are in safe and the family will be able to enjoy fresh and chill air circulating in the house. This is why it is so important to have ACS that is able to work with the maximum efficiency.

Unfortunately, sometimes malfunctions or breakdowns happen suddenly, so house owners and with their families may suffer without fresh air or required chill. Often such insignificant issues can lead to a minimum increase in energy spent by ACS and as a result increase in utility cost and even at serious breakdowns with an expensive cost of repairs.

To mitigate the risk of unexpected malfunctions it is recommended to create a schedule for ordering maintenance services for air conditioning systems and to follow it strictly. In case you are living in the Chicago area, you may contact Excellent Plumbing for negotiating and booking convenient for you time for providing you with service. Whichever choice you will make, below you can find more information prepared by Excellent Plumbing HVAC experts regarding red flags on ACS functioning. In case something mentioned below was noticed, it will become much easier to understand whether some urgent works are necessary before the hot season started.


It is a good idea to pay attention to ACS regularly and monitor how it works in order to identify possible issues in time. Early problem detection helps to react, prevent, and eliminate serious effects. It is a key to avoid extra costs for repairs or even replacement of ACS. So what are areas for special attention?

Chill degree. Obviously, in case of the air is not chilled by the air conditioner it is the main sign ACS problems, because, actually, the main goal of its work is not achieved. The majority of cases with a low cooling degree are explained by either low level of Freon or issues with compressor. An experienced technician will identify the exact reason and fix it rather fast.

So following scheduled maintenance with Excellent Plumbing professionals will definitely help you to detect a possible issue before the season starts and easily fix it.

Absent Air Circulation. Air Conditioning creates a slight wind while cooling the air and its fans provide air circulation, so more chill air gets into the house faster. In case something is wrong with air circulation your AC unit may be considered as ineffective. The probable reason for such an issue is a breakdown of compressor. In case the problem is partial and relates to certain places at home you may find the reason in a duct. As a good preventive measure against such issues, you may regularly clean your duct system. That will significantly prolong the useful life of your ACS.

Temperature differences. If you noticed that some places at your home are too cool, while others remain hot it may evidence problems with the thermostat, so professional involvement may be required in order to resolve the issue. Another red flag for thermostat functioning is the difference between temperature set and actual temperature.

Wetness. The appearance of condensate or some other type of humidity may be notified at any time. Although it is a red flag for a serious problem: refrigerant leak or breakdown of the drain tube. While drain tube brokerage may lead to rust or mold, the first one may cause serious problems with health.

Noise. In case ACS produces different sounds during its work: grate or grind is not a red flag. It’s a significant sign that time for ACS replacement came. Such noise may appear only if some details in the mechanism was broken and got into the whole system, so it becomes impossible to be fixed. An experienced technician may prevent such breakdowns to maintain ACS by detecting weak places and timely replacement of details.

Smell. In case some smell gets into the house together with cooled air from your air conditioner the problem is hidden in insulation, which is probably burnt. In case the smell is different, that smell of burning it may be explained by mold inside the appliance or duct. Please, note that the mold should be immediately utilized because it is dangerous to breathe it.

Problems described above cannot be resolved by yourself without involving HVAC experts. Calling Excellent Plumbing for help you will receive work performed fast and with a high level of quality. Although regular maintenance will keep you and your ACS away from problems. Benefits you may receive this way:

  • Utility economy,
  • Prevention of expensive repairs;
  • Extending the useful life of the HVAC system;
  • Prevention of unexpected breakdowns that bring lots of discomforts;

Excellent Plumbing is a family business, that realizes you and your needs, so call us 24/7 for consulting and further servicing regarding any issue with the HVAC system you have.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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