The essential part of keeping plumbing system in a good repair is regular review of sewer line. Inappropriate maintenance will cause sewer line’s impairment or clogs. In its turn clogs can be a reason of damage not only of pipes and sewer line, but all property owned by you.

As the result, expenses required for elimination of negative consequences, caused by plumbing system malfunctions, are rather high. Additionally, repairs of sewer line should be done and it is also expensive and time-consuming.

Considering the fact damage is used to grow over time, preventive methods performed in a form of regular review and mending, if necessary, will save time as well as cash. Below you may find red flags for sewer line functionality monitoring.


First steps is to pay attention at draining speed in each respective place. You may ensure that all water goes out in full from sinks, toilets and bathtubs. Check whether working of washing machine or dishwasher influence draining’s process. If something was noticed, it should be considered, that one of the first signs of sewer line issues is inappropriate draining, that is probably caused by significant blockages in pipes.

Main reason explaining sewer line blockage is trees’ root system “involvement”, that can be a real problem for plumbing system correct functionality. In case big tree grows near sewer line that is old and made, for example, of concentrate or clay, it is rather possible that roots could be blamed for blockage. In fact, root can penetrate pipes through it joints and get inside of them.

As the result, different types of trash are accumulated inside of sewer line and interfere water passing, that causes slowing down in draining. Red flag for such clogging detection with high precision level is gurgling sound in time of flushing.


If there is at least one place with a slow drain in a household or where draining is not performed in a full it is rather possible, that the reason is in sewer line blockage. In case there are couple of such places at home placeit is much worse.

Anyway, reason can be found easily. In case toilet system and/or kitchen sink become clogging more often, than it used to and/or the speed of draining have been significantly decreased there, it means drainage systems issue is located farther downstream.


It’s hardly to imagine such situation correction with any casual plunger or with over-the-counter chemicals. It will not work. It is necessary to perform professional clearing and use specific heavy equipment with respective experience of its managing in order to remove roots and debris from a sewer line effectively.

Fortunately, if you are living in Chicago area there is no need to handle these problems by yourself. Excellent Plumbing, a company located in Buffalo, can provide you with all required equipment plus professional services. What will be done:

  • the problem will be inspected carefully using special type of cameras;
  • exactly location of blockage will be determined;
  • detected clog will be utilized for you.

Additionally, Excellent Plumbing may perform sewer line diagnostics and propose professional recommendations regarding necessary current repair, if any, with providing of respective services, if required.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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