Reducing Allergies by Cleaning the Duct

Reducing Allergies by Cleaning the Duct

In the Top-Reasons of chronic diseases, allergy is located in sixth place. Causing annoying symptoms as well as severe ones, it affects near 50,000 thousand Americans. All, who is suffering from it know how exhaustive it can be in general and which unpleasant things it can bring at the most inappropriate moment starting from endless sneezing at the important conference or coughing during a romantic date.

Unfortunately, most of the strong allergens may be located at the home place. In this case being at home for those, who suffer from the allergy, may become unbearable because of no place for relaxing and continuous allergens affecting. Additionally, it becomes a huge issue for an allergic person to remove the reason for bad feelings by himself. Pollen and dust, mold and pet dirt, chemicals and insects all of that may trigger worsening of the symptoms.

To avoid harmful things at your place the first step should include the understanding of sources and ways of allergens’ appearance.


The statistics say that 90% of households have not less than 3 allergens, that can be easily identified, but hard to avoid. Actually, most of them are caused by contamination that is peculiar for allergens. Although the combination and degree of pollutions may be different depending on each certain place, below you may find top-3 sources of allergens and places to be inspected for their existence.

In almost every household the number one allergen is considered to be a significant amount of dust mites. They like to live in pillows, blankets, mattresses, carpets and other places like soft furniture.

Another common problem is mold, which can be also identified in most baths, basements or other crawl spaces.

Pollen is known as one of the most annoying allergens, that is seasonal and usually torments the victim outdoors. Nevertheless, it can easily enter your home space through open doors, windows, spaces in its frames such as holes, cracks. Another way to get inside is to be brought shoes or clothes of any family member.

There are also less common sources of a possible allergic reaction such as pet dirt and hair, cockroaches and other malicious wildlife, that nevertheless should be considered.


Talking about allergens reducing, duct system should have a special treatment. Actually, your duct system together with the HVAC system serves as a part of the house’s organism. The duct is a lung that lets fresh air get into your place and removes stagnant one. HVAC in its turn regulates temperature making the air colder or warmer.

Filters installed there used to serve as a block for dust and other unwelcome contamination to get in the air.  In case no appropriate maintenance to them is provided, the duct system accumulates dust, dirt and other microparts, that unfortunately easily enters your place through the HVAC system. It will be enough to regularly change filters in order to prevent such kinds of pollution.

At the same time, you should be aware, that duct can be dirt with dust because of leaks appeared at ductwork. It is hard to detect such leak laces by yourself, although often they are located in the dustiest places – attic and basements. The result of disregarding of the mentioned problem may lead to entering the dust from attic and basements at all rooms via the duct system. Although you may reduce the effect by regular cleaning, to fix the problem without professional help is rather difficult.



In case you or your close family experienced the allergy symptoms, you may already make efforts and spend a lot of time in order to remove or at least minimize triggers that may be located at your place. Although, even careful vacuum cleaning and surfaces wiping will not be enough, because it doesn’t help to remove dust from the duct system.

All mentioned pollutions such as debris and dust, bacteria and mold may be concentrated at your ductwork. And if so, it will regularly come into the air you are breathing thought operating HVAC system. And the only way to provide yourself with clean air is to ensure your duct is regularly cleaned from the contamination described.

Excellent Plumbing resolves the difficulty of getting into the duct system for its cleaning. We realize how hard it can be for allergic to deal directly with the triggers. We are always ready to provide you with help. In order to care for clients, Excellent Plumbing professionals apply powerful equipment, including vacuum filtration system H.E.P.A, which capacity allows to remove almost 100% of pollution. Less dust and other pollutants mean more clear air for breathing and respectively it reduces the number of allergens in it.


Although cleaning duct systems may be performed mostly by professionals, the general cleaning must be regularly performed/kept by homeowners. Please note, that the most effective approach may include complex decisions regarding the cleaning of the whole house, but not local places or rooms.

Take as a habit to dust carefully your homeplace at least once per week. Sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains, and carpets should be regularly washed and cleaned, because they are the favorite places for dust mites and easily accumulate other pollution.

Places, where wet is a usual thing such as bath or kitchen, should be regularly disinfected in order to prevent mold appearance. Be aware, that most of the cleaning products may be toxic, so be careful purchasing and using it. In addition, it is a good idea to dry these rooms with a fan, so no extra wet will exist.

Although you cannot influence seasonal allergic triggers, it is rather important to have a place, where you can have a rest and relax. Using tips prepared for you by Excellent Plumbing you may protect your homeplace and yourself from the most common allergic triggers based at the house. Although circulating dust from uncleaned duct may be cleaned by professionals, Excellent Plumbing is always ready to come to you with help, so the air at your home will be clean and free from allergens.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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