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We provide a full range of services for electrical systems and electrical engineering in your home or commercial buildings. Excellent Plumbing employs only highly qualified specialists who have all the necessary permits and certificates. We independently conduct a thorough inspection of employees for sufficient skills. Our company tests all materials before using them which guarantees high quality of the work performed. Also, we always keep track of new technologies and new standards, and our employees take additional training courses to master them. Therefore, you should not worry about how long your system will last, because we will install not only modern but also reliable systems that will serve you for many years.

Types of Electrical Repair Services we offer:

In fact, we specialize not only in repairing wiring and electrical installations services, but also in other types of electrical services. These can include electrical installation service, modernization of outdated systems, and provision of emergency support. 

Excellent Plumbing offers a wide array of top-grade electric services, from installation from scratch to correction and troubleshooting.

Electric service from Excellent plumbing in all Illinois area.

We can help in all your electrical needs, like this:

Electrical Installation

Electrical repair & troubleshooting

Ode Correction Work-electrical wire upgrades-GFCI outlet installation & repair

Appliance wiring

Whole house surge protection

Generator services

Outdoor lighting

Electrical Installation

Our staff has no problems installing systems of any size and complexity. Whether it`s installing climate control systems, smoke detection systems, or lighting systems, you can contact us with any breakdown and get qualified electrical services. As a result, all your devices will work one hundred percent reliably to ensure your comfort and safety.

In addition to servicing premises or houses, we also install generators in suburban areas, install and maintain solar panels, generators and other transformers of alternative energy sources and much more. We have many specialists who are genuine masters of their craft. Therefore, you can trust us to install any electrical systems.


Another popular problem that our employees often face is the need to repair or maintain electronic equipment or electrical networks. Nowadays, it is very necessary to have uninterrupted access to electricity. And if in private homes it is a question of safety and comfort, then in commercial cases the risk of losing big sums of money, information and reputation before clients is added additionally. In such cases, it is especially necessary to provide emergency assistance from licensed professionals. Excellent Plumbing is a large renowned firm and specializes in various cases and types of electric services. We are certified to provide various electric services, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Electric service of Excellent Plumbing will help with plenty of breakdowns, but often it`s needed to change the following elements:

  • Switches

  • Power outlets

  • Postings

  • Fuse blocks

  • Code

Code Correction Work

If you need to sell the house, or apply for a permit to connect electricity to the old house, then you need to bring everything to the electrical code. So the obsolescence of the system prevents obtaining insurance, mortgages, and equipment certification. To get all this, you need to have equipment that would minimally guarantee safety. It is in your best interest to prevent accidents and fires. Bringing the electrical system of the room to all the standards of the national electrical code will give you peace of mind and allow you to live by modern standards. When buying a car you will need to take into account such problems and understand that it makes a correction to the price of the house as well as in advance to get acquainted with all the requirements.

Electrical Services price

Electrical Services – 100.00 $

Electrical wire upgrades

When the existing wiring is more than 40 years old and does not meet your needs, you should consider whether it is not time to change the wiring and use our electrical services for this. It is a very expensive procedure, so in order to reduce the price you should assess the situation in advance and plan well. This way you will not have problems creating a fire situation, which often occurs with wiring problems. This often occurs with older systems that break down over time.

GFCI outlet installation & repair

The most popular household items are sockets and switches. Usually a person deals only with them, which is why these items must be safe and resistant to damage. GFCI sockets are one of these and are ideal for rooms that have an increased risk of electric shock. These outlets monitor the amount of electricity flowing, and in the event of problems, the electricity is turned off.

Appliance wiring

The electrical wiring of the device can be different, depending on the types of structures. Each product must be certified and tested. So there are many variations in size, caliber, material and insulation material and they allow you to find many interpretations to obtain the desired qualities. In this way you can have different efficiencies, maximum withstood dielectric voltage. The UL website has a document describing the types of electrical wiring of the device, technology, features of use and other important information.

Whole house surge protection

Installing the surge protection throughout the house does not take much time, but they last a long time and ensure the long operation of your appliances. In addition to the previously described electrical fuses, thermal fuses are also popular. There are also special units for telephone and cable lines to ensure uninterrupted operation of routers, telephones and faxes.

However, the suppressors do not guarantee complete voltage stability, 15 percent deviations are still possible, but even this allows you to significantly extend the life of the devices and prevent breakdowns.

Generator services

Our company provides a full range of electric services for generators. Namely repair, maintenance and assembly or installation. Thanks to the right technical solutions and the provision of good preventive maintenance. So even if the changes are not critical and invisible to users, our workers will immediately notice it and fix the problem. This will allow you not only to extend the life of the generator, but also save time and money. Therefore, you can easily contact us, as we will do everything from dismantling the old generator to installing and maintaining the condition of the new one.

Outdoor lighting

Home lighting ensures the beauty and security of your yard. We will be able to choose the right way, how to design lighting and all sensors in your yard. We install wall lamps, pendant lamps, etc., wall mounts, garage lights and light paths. In addition to providing good lighting in terms of design and safety, we also provide interesting and unusual options. These include solar-powered lanterns that are powered by motion detectors and built-in LEDs.

Have an electrical emergency?

Call Now to Book an Appointment! Excellent Plumbing will quickly and efficiently solve even the most complex electrical issues and ensure high-quality electrical services.

What Makes Us Different to Other Electrical Companies in Wheeling IL  and  Buffalo Grove IL

Excellent Plumbing is a large company specialized in electrical services. As we focus mainly on local residents, we have explored what the most common problems may be. We can also reach you easily and quickly in an emergency situation or in bad weather. You will not have problems with the duration of repair, and with the choice of time for repair work because we have good mobility in Wheeling IL  and  Buffalo Grove IL and you can find us under “electrical services near me”.

Why Choose an Excellent Plumbing service electric company?

Even with comparably small electrical works, where you think any of the electrical services near me can do this it makes sense to turn to an excellent electrical service like ours. The reason for this is, that in all cases electrical systems are very complex and there are always different viable options for how to realize a solution. So instead of taking a company that will just perform the quickest and most standard version of the work, you can often save money in the long run or achieve more satisfying results, by opting for an expert electric service. Such electric service is the optimal choice that will work best with the rest of your installation and systematically plan current and future repairs. In this way you will also get a qualified partner at hand, the one you can trust when more complicated tasks arise or you want to expand your system in a non standard way. Choosing our service electric company will make it easier and cheaper for you in the future, so that you will have one thing less to worry about.

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