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Have you got some soil to be moved from your parcel? Or are you a developer creating a new building complex and searching for some heavy machinery for this purpose? Or perhaps you have some plans for septic installation? In all these cases you would require some excavator services. With a highly-skilled and experienced team of Excellent Plumbing, you will get a reliable partner with any aspect of soil or rocks moving from one spot to another.

Our Professional Excavating Contractor Services

Excellent Plumbing provides a wide array of top-grade excavating services for various private clients and businesses. We can perform even the most challenging excavation services at the highest level ensuring high-quality and prompt assistance.

Excavation services price

Excavation Services – 100.00 $

We offer the following types of excavation services:

  • General excavation for residential and commercial goals;

  • Earthmoving;

  • Digging of foundations;

  • Trenching;

  • Excavation services for non-building construction sites;

  • Clearing of land;

  • Grading assistance and help in site preparation.

General Excavation Services

Excellent Plumbing delivers top-grade general excavation assistance for residential and commercial objects. We lend outstanding support for the tasks of any complexity. If you search for a contractor for a new patio, terrace, or retaining wall, rest assured that with our team these undertakings will be completed at the highest level. Excellent Plumbing applies advanced technologies and equipment for efficient sloping, grading, and rounding out of the buildings.


Excellent Plumbing tackles earthmoving excavator services with a lot of professionalism and attention to detail in each project. Earthmoving implies displacing, removing, and adding ground or rocks in the course of construction. Earthmoving is required when building the roads, railways, causeways, dams, canals, and buildings. This type of excavation service helps to modify the relief of the surface and make the slopes more stable. Our company uses high-performing equipment which is operated by experienced personnel to guarantee integrity and high-quality of the earthmoving project.

Foundation Digging

Excellent Plumbing has a vast experience in foundation digging for homes and commercial buildings. It goes without saying that a proper and stable foundation is the basic rule of having a reliable and long-functioning space. With our competent and apt team you will get precise excavating assistance for a sturdy foundation for the buildings of all types and sizes. Excellent Plumbing cooperates with construction surveyors and concrete professionals to provide accurate digging and installation of foundations for the long lasting objects.


Excellent Plumbing lends top-level assistance in trench excavation which is also known as footing excavating. Trenching is required for strip foundations, access to communication lines, and buried solutions. Our team can dig trenches of all lengths and depths and in various ground types. We efficiently tackle shallow trenches for pipes and sewers, full depth successive trenches, and stage depth (very deep) trenches used for deep basements, foundations, and underpinnings.

Nonbuilding construction excavation

You can rely on Excellent Plumbing not only when excavating for construction are needed but also when they are required for non building purposes. For example, this can be pool digging or septic installation.

Land clearing

Land clearing by Excellent Plumbing helps to do away with any vegetation on a site, be it tree roots, stumps, stones, or other obstacles. We use modern heavy machinery equipment to achieve the optimal outcomes in land clearing by pushover, or bulldozing, method and pullover way of land clearance.

Grading and Site Preparation

Excellent Plumbing specializes in high-level grading and site preparation assistance. This includes making a surface even as a part of preparing it for foundation creation for the future buildings. We employ advanced heavy machinery which is operated by certified and experienced employees. Our team is also qualified to carry out water drainage and slope stabilization expertise and provide custom consultations about these questions.


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When do you need this service?

Excavating services are the must for the construction of new buildings. This is perhaps the most frequent application of the excavation when an excavator prepares the area for the building sites. The excavators clear the area from vegetation, level the surface, and get rid of the existing obstacles like roots, boulders, logs, etc. They also assist in foundation digging.

Being the most common sphere where excavation services are used, building is not the only aspect of industry where excavating is used. You might need it also when trenching is needed for sewers, pipelines, and irrigation.

What Makes Us Different to Other Companies in Wheeling IL and Buffalo Grove IL?

Excellent Plumbing stands for excellence as our name implies. We strive for perfection in each and every aspect of the excavation and earthmoving, from site preparation to foundation digging. Our firm applies cutting-edge equipment and modern technologies to ensure stable and top-grade engineering of residential, commercial, and industrial objects. Contact Excellent Plumbing for excavator service near me and you will get reliable and prompt support with all the challenges of earthmoving.

Why Choose Excellent Plumbing Excavation Contractors?

When you type “excavation services near me” in a search window of Google, you will get plenty of various excavation contractors. This makes the choice of the optimal provider quite daunting. However, we can confidently say that Excellent Plumbing is the optimal choice as your reliable excavation contractor.

There are numerous reasons why to opt for Excellent Plumbing for excavating services near me. They include:


competent assistance with any aspect of excavation


advanced and well-functioning equipment


highly-skilled team with proven experience in various projects and tasks


affordable and straightforward pricing policy

If you have any questions about the earthmoving and excavation or want to schedule them, contact our managers and they will guide you through the intricacies of this process.

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