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Excellent Plumbing offers furnace replacement services in Wheeling. If you plan to upgrade to a new, energy efficient unit, get in touch with us. Our experts will come to your residence or business facility, repair when possible or replace the existing system with a modern solution that saves money down the road. Our main goal is to maximize your comfort and minimize your energy costs.

Furnace replacement and servicing are our fields of expertise, and you can count on Excellent Plumbing in a crisis. Our professional technicians will troubleshoot, inspect, and clean your unit to prevent issues. We thoroughly research manufacturer’s specifications and meet them. If nothing can be done to prolong the life of your furnace, our team will make quality furnace replacement. Energy efficiency, lower noise levels, functionality, and securing your comfort are our major goals.


Types of furnaces


Furnaces are the most popular option for heating your home due to high efficiency, low noise levels, and long lifespans. Plus, due to their variety, there’s always a furnace to fit your home. If you consider replacing a furnace, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Furnaces can be classified in different ways, the two major ones being by operation and by fuel type.


Furnaces by operation


Single-stage furnaces


These are the most basic furnaces. Furnaces of this type have only one stage of operation: they can just be turned on and off, and they operate at one consistent speed. Although they are the most affordable choice, single-staged furnaces mean greater heating costs.


Two-stage furnaces


A two-stage furnace is a more energy-efficient furnace as it gives you a bit more control over your heating costs through providing a full-speed and a half-speed setting. What is more, a two-stage furnace operates more quietly at half speed.


Variable speed furnace


Variable speed furnaces are high-efficiency furnaces as they allow you to adjust both the speed and the heat output depending on the outdoor temperature. Not to mention, furnaces of this type ensure the best air quality, as the fan circulates air through the filter. 


Furnaces by type of fuel


Gas furnace 


Today, the natural gas furnace is the most common type of furnace in homes, especially in the cold climate. It uses gas piped in the municipal line. They are efficient at heating your home and do not cost much to run due to the affordable price of gas.


Oil furnace


Oil furnaces are typically used in remote areas where natural gas lines are not available. You need to stock up on tanks of oil and replace them when needed. The major advantage of oil furnaces is that they are affordable. On the other hand, the prices for oil might fluctuate making your fuel costs unpredictable. In addition, they need regular cleaning of soot and ash buildup to remain in good working order. To top it off, oil furnaces are not as efficient as gas furnaces.


Electric furnaces


Electric furnaces use electric heating elements to heat the building. Although the running cost of this type of furnace is higher than the two above mentioned options, electric furnaces offer several undeniable benefits. To start with, electricity is available all over the US, which makes electric furnaces especially helpful in areas where gas and oil are difficult to source. What is more, electric furnaces can use solar power as their energy source and help homeowners save cost as well as minimize environmental impact. Lastly, electric furnaces are safer than any gas and oil heating source due to no actual fire present in the furnace.


Wood-burning furnaces


Wood-burning furnaces are typically used for heating homes in areas with abundant and affordable firewood. Furnaces of this type require being manually fuelled, making them the most impractical option. Sometimes wood furnaces are part of a combination furnace together with an oil or gas burner, and function as a backup heat source.


If you have any questions about the furnace replacement services or want to schedule them, contact our managers
and they will guide you through the intricacies of this process. Call Excellent Plumbing today! 



When to do furnace replacement


Before we explain the cost to replace furnace, let's take a look at when you need to replace your heating equipment. It goes without saying that it's unreasonable to wait until your furnace dies completely to call a furnace replacement service, as this might happen in the middle of the cold season, leaving you without a heating source. Instead, carefully monitor your furnace’s operation, and know the signs that mean you might need to turn to a furnace replacement service.


Signs it’s time to replace your furnace


How can you know that your furnace won't be able to make it through another winter season and you need furnace replacement? Here are some factors that can help you figure out if it's time for replacing a furnace.


Old age


An average furnace can efficiently operate for 10-15 years, so if your furnace has reached this age, it may be time to consider replacing furnace.


Higher energy bills


If you notice that your energy bills suddenly grow despite using the same amount of energy, it might mean that you need furnace replacement.


Excessive soot


Excessive soot is dangerous for the health of your family, so it calls for immediate furnace replacement. 


Frequent repairs


If your furnace needs regular repairs, it can be a reasonable decision to replace it. While furnace replacement might cost even more than expensive repairs, it could save you money in the long run.


Uneven heating


If there are hot and cold areas throughout your home, that’s another sign your furnace fails to efficiently deliver hot air within the building.


Poor air quality


A drop in air quality is another sign that you may need furnace replacement.

If you find yourself checking off some of the signs on this list, get in touch with the team at Excellent Plumbing. Having considerable experience in furnace Installations, we'll help you upgrade to a more efficient model.


Furnace replacement costs


What is the furnace replacement cost? Cost to replace a furnace includes the price for equipment and materials as well as labor. While labor costs range between $500 to $2,000 of the total project budget, the average prices for professional furnace installation together with the furnace are the following:


  • Gas: $3,800-$10,000

  • Electric: $2,000-$7,000

  • Oil: $6,750-$10,000


Furnace replacement services may include some additional costs, for example, ductwork and ventilation modifications, installation of a gas line and indoor air quality products.

Feel free to get in touch with our furnace replacement service experts for furnace replacement estimates. 


What factors affect the cost of a new furnace


Naturally, the cost of furnace replacement includes the price you pay for the furnace. For gas furnaces, the price is typically somewhere between $4,500-$7,000. For electric furnaces, it ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. In addition, furnace costs are affected by the following factors:


  • Your personal efficiency needs

  • Size of the home

  • Number of stories in your house

  • Window directions

  • Where the furnace will be installed


How long does a furnace usually last?


Most typically, a gas or oil furnace lasts up to 15 years. Today, many homeowners install a new electric furnace instead of repairing an old gas system as electric furnaces have a longer average lifespan, 20 to 30 years. However, electric systems are more expensive to run and heat your home at a slower rate than gas furnaces.


Benefits of professional furnace repair by Excellent Plumbing


Apart from quality installation, technicians at Excellent Plumbing are able to repair just about any type of home furnace. We'll accurately diagnose the root of the problem and make the necessary repairs. At Excellent Plumbing, we strive to provide our clients with the ultimate peace of mind that comes from being sure that you have a skilled team on-call. Don't hesitate to call us to estimate your repair or furnace replacement cost.


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