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Garbage chute cleaning is crucial for maintaining a hygienic waste management system. A clean trash chute reduces the risk of infections, helps control pests and eliminates unpleasant odors in the building. Regular cleanings work best if combined with odor control systems.


Eliminating two sources of trash odors in your gutter:


  • Unpleasant odors that are sucked up a dirty chute from the trash bins waste.

  • Foul odors that appear as a result of a build-up of soiling inside the garbage chute.


24/7 garbage chute deodorizer


In the cleaning process, we use high-grade odor control systems to eliminate unpleasant odors in garbage chutes and trash rooms. In addition to neutralizing foul smells, the odor control products we use help reduce vermin and pest issues.


Cleaning commercial building garbage chutes


Commercial trash chute cleaning is essential to provide your employees and visitors of your commercial building with a pleasant experience. At Excellent Plumbing, we offer professional garbage chute cleaning services and have special equipment at your commercial property.


Benefits of trash chute cleaning


It has some major benefits that can significantly improve the quality of life of your tenants. Clean chutes create a healthy and safe environment for comfortable living.


Chute cleaning is the only way to prevent bacteria and fungi growth


Trash chutes harbour huge quantities of germs, including dangerous pathogens. What is more, dirty trash chute walls can also be a perfect breeding ground for mold, which puts the building at risk of structural damage. Naturally, a chute with bacteria is unsafe for the tenants' health, so it's imperative for property managers to regularly organize garbage chute cleaning in order to eliminate the risk of infections and diseases.


Trash chute cleaning prevents pests spread


As waste builds up inside the trash chute and stays there for a long time, different pests and insects choose it as a home, including rodents, mice, flies, cockroaches, and spiders.


Timely garbage chute cleaning minimizes bad odors


It goes without saying that any type of waste produces nasty smells. If a trash chute isn’t regularly cleaned, the unpleasant smells spread floor by floor, they fill hallways and stairwells. Regular cleaning stops foul odors from spreading in the building.


Trash chute cleaning reduces the risk of fire hazard


Your tenants may throw away flammable substances, for instance, paints and thinners, which can become the cause of fire. What is more, greasy trash build-up might become the cause of grease fires.


Keeping trash chutes clean helps to prolong their life


Regular cleaning helps the chute function for a longer time as cleaning protects it from damages. 


Why is garbage chute cleaning important?


Over time, the chute gets dirty from broken garbage bags, grease and debris that tend to build up on the chute walls, making perfect ground for bacteria to grow. Trash chutes have a naturally occurring up-draft, which means that unhealthy odors and bacteria from the chute can easily enter public areas when building occupants use the trash chute doors. A dirty garbage chute not only badly affects the indoor air quality but also creates health hazards.


How often should trash chutes be cleaned?


It's recommended that you do cleaning twice a year, summer and winter. Cleaning chute should be definitely included into your building maintenance program.


How is your rubbish chute cleaned?


It goes without saying that professional trash chute cleaning services mean using specialized equipment. At Excellent Plumbing, we utilize a specifically designed high pressure cleaning system to remove the trash build-up on your trash chute walls. In the trash chute cleaning process, we thoroughly clean the chute, including hard to reach places.


Trash chute cleaning equipment we use


We use reliable garbage chute cleaning systems to drive the best results and to make your tenants happy. For starters, vertical chute nozzles move up and down the chute, spraying cleaning solution. Next, we utilize powerful hot water pressure washers with full pressure detergent injection. Finally, we proceed with using robust vacuums to ensure that nothing is left in the chute.

We strive to be the best in chute cleaning by providing our clients with high-quality services. Property owners that once chose Excellent Plumbing for garbage chute cleaning come back every time they need their garbage chute to be cleaned.

To schedule a service, contact our Wheeling IL  and  Buffalo Grove IL garbage chute cleaning company at 847-868-1800!



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