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Anyone, who owns the house or apartment sooner or later face with clogs in the plumbing system. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and money to remove it. That is why we have a smart tip for you how to avoid pipes blockages and keep your pipes in good condition. Moreover, hard fats in pipes make clear water polluted by fats, which are toxic to people.  The most optional solution to avoid this – sludge traps. These items usually located inside the building, more rarely outside it. It should be installed under the sink, or if you decide to set it outside the house – it should be undergrounded. This so-called traps, clean the sewer from the mud, oil and small rubbish, while filtered water continues to run in the pipes. But from time to time you should clean these traps to keep them in order.

Why you should do this?

If you often you the sinks in the building (for example in the restaurants or cafes, or you just like homemade food and cooking a lot),  you should take care of greaser traps cleaning on daily basis. Here is the most important thing you need to know about traps cleaning:

  • It is regulated by law: this process is governed by the regulations of the board of health in most on of municipal structures
  • You take care of the environment: if you handle the cleaning on regular basis, you keep the plumbing system clean and functional. Moreover, the qualified expert, who will carry out a purge of the traps know the best and the most environment-friendly ways to utilise the guck. Did you know that we have a special procedure for these? Professionals from Excellent plumbing use it on every-day work
  • The simple way to understand when you need cleaning – just look at the amount of guck inside the trap. If you see that it is full for a half or you can feel the unpleasant smell time has come
  • Do it on regular basis: time frames are usually set by local authorities, but a qualified plumber can advise you how often you should do the cleaning basing on the frequency of using the sinks.
  • If you avoid it: please be aware that if you ignore the maintenance of the sewer system,  you might face with frequent clogging of it and as result water flowing of the building. I bet, it will cost you much more money than regular cleaning
  • It’s pretty cheap: not the worst idea to spend money and be sure that plumbing issues are not your problem anymoreExcellent Plumbing has a wide experience in sludge trap cleaning. We made it thousands of times all over Illinois. Excellent Plumbing office based in Buffalo Grove, but we are flexible to drive in any city in Illinois and handle this kind of work fast and smooth.

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