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Of all the plumbing fixtures and appliances that are installed in our apartments or homes, the kitchen faucet is the most commonly used. We use it when we cook, wash dishes, fruits or vegetables, collect water for drinking or other of our small household needs. Therefore, due to such a load, sooner or later there comes a time when the laid operational resources of even the best quality faucet are exhausted, and there are some problems  in its work. For an inexpensive faucet, the likelihood of such a situation increases, and this also happens when the water pipes are in poor condition and when the water is dirty.

Due to the need to have access to the kitchen faucet at all times, its malfunction causes a lot of trouble and significantly affects the kitchen routine. Therefore, we try to overcome this problem as soon as possible. However, to understand whether to fight for the faucet used, calling a plumber, or order a new faucet is not an easy thing to do. Even if you turn to a company that has everything you need to perform these procedures, and whose employees are qualified enough to solve everything on their own without unnecessary questions, you need to focus on these issues so as not to be fooled. Replacing the kitchen faucet is a definite measure, and before doing so you should still try to repair and assess the failure and extent of system failure. In most cases, such a strategy pays off. And the process of restoring the faucet is usually available both materially and technically. Therefore, even you will be able to do it.


Of course, the serviceability of kitchen faucets provides our comfort during routine housework. However, not only the aspect of ensuring this is the reason why we should solve such breakdowns as soon as possible. There are many such reasons, the main ones are:


Environmental problems

Knowing that the biggest problem in the world is the lack of fresh water, it’s just a shame to waste it this way


The economic side of the problem

Even if the water flows in a small stream, over a long period of time not only will a lot of water flow out, but it will gradually increase over time and costs will increase. And if you look at it from this point of view, the cost of repairing the kitchen faucet immediately after diagnosing the problem will be much less than the water bills you will receive.


Saving your home

In many cases, water leaks and gradually begins to spoil your furniture or other household items. Also, excessive moisture in the kitchen is the cause of fungus and moss, which is unpleasant and takes a long time to be removed. Therefore, if you want to save your home, do the repairs as soon as possible.


Mental factor

Many people get nervous when they hear the constant dripping of water. Therefore, in order to feel at ease in your kitchen, you should do it quickly.


Good relations with your neighbors

If you ignore the need to repair or replace the kitchen faucet, the water will gradually seep lower and lower. And over time, your neighbors will also have problems and need repairs. Therefore, in order not to harm yourself or other people, it is necessary to eradicate the source of the problem at the stage of its origin.

Is it hard to replace the kitchen faucet?

Sometimes the services of a good plumber are not cheap, and there is no reason to spend your budget in vain, if you can do this work yourself. For example, you often need to replace the kitchen faucet. After reading this article, you will be convinced and will be sure that in most cases it is a fairly simple task that does not require special skills and abilities. The other part consists of cases when the cause of failure in the water supply system, its structure, we modulate. Everyone who has the slightest desire will be able to understand how to perform this work. You will be able to get tips and learn how to change the faucet in the bathroom from this article. Following the recommendations, you will perform disassembly and install the device yourself, without the help of plumbers.

Kitchen Faucet Repair or Replace Services price

Kitchen Faucet Repair or Replace – 100.00 $


The whole process must be divided into such parts. First you need to join the process well, then dismantle the old system and then start installing a new one.

To begin with, it is necessary to prepare for the work and to provide and prepare the essential tools. Namely:


adjustable wrench




flat and cross screwdrivers






small tank for draining water from the siphon



Also, if you want to replace the kitchen faucet, you need to prepare in advance the system you are going to install.

So before you replace the faucet in the kitchen, you must first remove the broken plumbing fixture. To do this, turn off the water and make sure that it no longer comes. Substitute the tank and start disassembly. The process looks like this:

1. separation of the siphon and the bowl of the sink

2. disconnection of pipes and hoses

3. sink removal

4. untwisting of fasteners

After successful dismantling of the mixer it is possible to begin installation of new.
In all recommendations for installing a new faucet, you must first choose a new faucet. This process must be approached very carefully and cautiously. Also, before starting work, it is necessary to pre-assemble the selected product using hoses. And then proceed to the installation:

On the basis of the sanitary device the ring lining which has to settle down accurately in a certain groove is put. The process should be approached carefully, because in case of violations, water droplets will flow regularly.

A hose is passed through the mounting hole. At the same time from below the mixer needs to be supported by a free hand. Make sure the gasket is in the correct position.

A seal made of rubber is installed in the plumbing fixture. Its shape must match the configuration of the clamping plate. This should be taken into account when buying faucet parts. And it is better on this question to consult with the seller who will select necessary elements.

A clamping plate is mounted on the seal. Threaded pins are screwed through the prepared holes. This should be done carefully and slowly

The mounting nuts must be tightened tightly with the adjusting wrench. This requires strength, because with poor closure, the plumbing fixture will wobble.

When understanding how to replace a faucet in the kitchen, also listen to an important tip: since the faucet can be equipped with one or more pins, make sure that the slots used for screwdrivers are outside. The device needs to be dismantled over time anyway, and with this arrangement it will be much easier to do.

Often on new taps threaded pins are mounted quite easily, even just with your fingers. However, it will be more convenient to use a screwdriver. At the same time tightening should not be made too dense.


If you have any questions about the kitchen faucet repair or replace or want to schedule them, contact our managers
and they will guide you through the intricacies of this process. Call Excellent Plumbing today!

Get Kitchen Faucet Replacement or Repair Service

Although replacing, installing or repairing a kitchen faucet with your own hands is not a difficult task for any homeowner – it is enough to have a simple plumbing tool and minimal skills. However, not everyone does well. Great attention is required when choosing all the parts, the tap and the stapler itself. So often too much redevelopment requires more serious work, so from a practical point of view it is easier to hire a kitchen faucet replacement or repair service for this. Also if you decide not to take risks or to carry out a complete inspection or repair of the system, you can contact special services. This makes sense even when you see signs that there are other system failures, the cause of the failure is not in the faucet.

Our company specializes in this field of services, so you can feel free to contact us. Our employees are experienced enough, have enough knowledge and equipment with all the necessary tools to solve any problems with your crane or upgrade your kitchen faucet in Wheeling.


  • Sooner or later, any kitchen faucet breaks so that it cannot be repaired. The average faucet lasts for 10 years of use. And you need to distinguish when you need to make repairs or replacements of kitchen faucets. Replacing of a kitchen faucet is usually carried out in the following cases:

    • Morally obsolete model of faucet on the sink. Has an unpleasant appearance, does not fit into the design of a new kitchen or just tired of the owners.
    • The housing or parts in the mixer are permanently damaged.
    • The need to replace the kitchen faucet with another design. When purchasing a modern sink or a more functional model (several bowls), the old faucet will be inconvenient.

When to Repair Your Kitchen Faucet?

The single-lever mechanism kitchen faucet with a rotary mechanism is used in the kitchen much more often than in the bathroom, so it can often fail. Whether you plan to shade or repair the kitchen faucet on your own or call a specialist. You need to focus on this minimally, and not immediately run to the store for a new faucet. You can identify the following problems or breakdowns that can occur even in your kitchen:

  • leakage from under the cuff of the spout, lever or valve;
  • incorrect operation of the lever, for example, jams, scrolls or is not fixed in the desired position;
  • small pressure at sufficient pressure in the system ;
  • when the faucet is closed, water drips.

Detected damage must be repaired as soon as possible. This will help increase the life of the faucet, prevent flooding, save your budget.

How much does it cost to replace a faucet?

Kitchen faucet replacement cost depends on the task you set and the amount of time that our master will spend on its implementation. The cost of kitchen faucet replacement includes the expenses on parts and mechanisms will require and payment for the work of a plumber, which depends on who would fulfill your order.

Our service is affordable and provides quality work from the most experienced and skilled craftsmen in the city. We also provide a warranty on all work performed and installed parts. We provide a professional approach to each client individually, we have all the necessary tools and mechanisms in case of kitchen faucet replacement. Therefore, you will not regret it if you contact us, and your peace and comfort in the house will have an attractive price.

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