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Pipe lining services in Wheeling, IL and Buffalo Grove, IL.
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Water carriage system came into our lives not so long time ago. And thanks to the scientific and construction progress now we don’t have to pour the guck on the street as our ancestries did. We are all lucky to have a water supply system in each building,  but not so long ago it ’s maintenance costed a fortune. If some pipe was damaged or you need to extend it, you should replace the whole system. But now, thanks to new technologies – pipelining, you can easily change it as you wish.

So what the process is?

–    Before starting the process we should examine the pipe with a video camera to find any obstructions

–    Wood substance, mud, fat and other rubbish should be flushed out by the water

–    Then the pipes should be examined again to see if any blockages still there

–    After we ensure that no obstacles are in the pipe we can integrate pressurized bladder there with the epoxy cover on it

–    We should inflate the bladder and attach the liner to pipe inside it.

–    As soon as you remove the bladder, the epoxy cover will stay and start to dry

–    Then it’s time to handle the last video inspections to make sure that there is no cracks or hole stayed

–    The epoxy cover created a new pipe inside the old one

Should you excavate the yard to fix the pipes?

Traditionally, to replace the pipe to need to dig all way around it and it takes a lot of time, equipment and of course money involved. Excellent Plumbing uses the newest technology in fixing the pipes: we need only one tiny hole to get to the breakage. In this place, we insert the bladder with epoxy cover and after a while bury, the hole and no more inconvenience will be caused.

Cut down your expenses: new technology is much cheaper then excavate, repair and then restore your yard from the digging.

Time is saved: Excellent plumbing professionals will handle the pipelining in one day, so you don’t have to wait weeks (or even months) to get the repair done.

Updated pipes: after such kind of repair plumbing system become stronger and will work at least 50 years long.

Multipurpose: we are ready to repair the smallest crack in your pipe. It won’t take a lot of time and forces.

If unexpected plumber trouble occurred, don’t worry it can be fixed shortly.  Call professionals from Excellent Plumbing in Buffalo Grove and we are ready to advise you on this issue and drive in every city in Illinois and fix it quickly, so you even know!

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