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Main sewer pipe transits wasted water from your building to city sewage pipe manifold. You usually do not pay much attention to it as this system is hidden from us underground or in the basement. Unlikely, you think about repair of it until the first big clog, when your house becomes overflooded as the water in the pipes backs to your bathroom or kitchen. And the more water you’re flush the more water you have on the floor as a result.

No doubts, nobody like such pinches, when your home smells like a sewer pipe, stuff are scattered all over the house and of course it unpleasant to think how much this issue will cost to you in future.

You might disagree, as people usually fix the clogs with the plunger or drain snake (yes, the most clever house owners have this toll), but if you face with pipe manifold clog you will need the experienced plumber to fix it and not cause more damage then you’ve already had. It is crucial to determine the blockage as soon as you can, at least the one you have in the main sewer pipe and call to emergency plumbing company immediately. Excellent Plumbing is ready for any kinds of emergency. Call us at 847-929-92-29 and we drive to any city in Illinois to fix the issue fast and smoothly.

Main reasons for plumbing issues when you need the maintenance of pipe manifold

It’s not the rocket science to understand that the clogs happen, because we flush the things that not supposed to be flushed. Very often, such issues happen in the houses with kids, flushing toys, sand, plasticine and etc, to the pipes.

Pipes in the kitchens, where fats being flush constantly, are out of order all the time Even coffee beans shouldn’t fall into the sewer pipes – they will accumulate there and cause the blockage.

And if your house is pretty old and you have the trees on the yard, keep in mind that the roots can grow into the sewer line and block it. Do not try to dig everywhere and look for the problem by yourself- call the professional plumber! Excellent Plumbing has the equipment which can identify the place of pipe blockage and avoid full replacement of the pipe when its possible.

How to make the pipe manifold ready for maintenance?

First thing, you need to do before the pipeman come to your house – is to make sure that you will not cause the flooding in the building. Close all water supply in the building for some time. If you have the cleanout line (some houses have it inside some – outside the building, nevertheless you might have not it all), reduce the water pressure with removing the cap from a vertical white pipe.

This is the crucial step to identify the clog. The plumber will put the camera through the toilet and will watch the condition of the plumbing system. It will allow him to find out possible problem and find the solution.

If clog happened for the first time, you probably tried to remove it by plunger, auger or drain snake. All these items are good for simple clogs, but won’t fit for main sewer lane blockages. For difficult issues plumbers use the tool similar to a huge auger, working on electricity. It should help to remove the clog. Then to clean the system, they will use the high water pressure stream, to remove all mud from the pipe manifold.

Sometimes clogs are the result of a broken pipe and there is no other way but replace it with the new part. Excellent Plumbing uses innovative methods that allow you to dig the yard as less as possible and replace the pat of damaged pipe fact and safe.

If you faced with the issue and understand that, your knowledge and equipment are not enough to fix it, don’t be a hero and call a professional and experienced plumber. We –Excellent Plumbing – based in Buffalo Grove, but flexible to drive in any city all over Illinois.

Cost to install back up sump pump system is determined by the objects you utilize and expenses for installation. The pump, battery, and additional materials will probably cost you around 400$ for a very good system. You can go as high as 1500$ on an high-end dual pump system included with batteries but normally a pump will be between 100$ and 500$ and a battery between 70$ and 400$. If you install the pump itself that garners no extra cost to install back up pump system. However, if you are not of the DIY type, Excellent Plumbing is ready to help you. Call our number and we will get your basement flood proof.

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