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Cleaning drains in a toilet bowl


Most people think that cleaning the drain if the toilet or removing the clog is a quite simple procedure and they can handle it by themselves. And indeed, a lot of cases are urgent and if you won’t act immediately your home might be water flooded.  Moreover, a plumber emergency visit not always a budget-friendly thing. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to handle the clog with the plunger or special equipment, which is called auger. But sometimes your efforts it’s not enough.


If you noticed that, the water in the toilet not flushing as soon as it was before, you probably have a clog in the toilet or in the pipes. We can differ in a few types of clogged sanitary ware. The first and the simplest stops the water and the waste in from flushing down the drain.  The second and the most dangerous – when the guck come back to a bathtub after you flushed the water. This kind of breakage in very hard to handle, so you will need special knowledge and equipment to fix it. Our advice – do not waste your time and call the plumber!



Sanitary ware that leaking at the bottom


When the water leaks near the bottom of the toilet bowl – you can watch this while you flushing the wastewater – this happens because of the damaged wax ring in the middle of toilet bottom and wastewater pipe. The water on the floor near that toilet bowl (even if it wasn’t flushed before) might be also from some leaking connection or condensation on the pipes. The sink it the also leaks quite often and might seem as leaking toilet. So if you are not able to identify the source of the leak, put a few drops of to the water-soluble paint to the water tank, wait approximately an hour and see where the coloured water appears. If it won’t appear at all, the issue probably in water supply pipe or it’s just sweating. This action needed to ensure that water tank is not leaking before start to the replacement of wax ring.



How to fix a leaking toilet?


If you can hear the sizzling sound from the water tank, you already losing gallons of water. Leaking toilet might have many reasons: broken float lever or floating ball, tank stopper, inner faucet so on. This sound not only annoying but also means that you lose your money together with running water. First thing, you need to check is the flapper, which might be defective, tank ball, that block the water or leaking water from the overflowing tube. Experts from Excellent Plumbing will find the problem using the newest equipment for leaks diagnostic. Out office works 24/7, so we can drive in any city in Illinois to handle the issue as soon as possible.



If the toilet flushes slowly


Firstly, open the lid of a tank and check the level of water in it. If it is low, probably there is not enough to push to syphon the water. All toilet bowls designed to give a good flush if there is enough water for it. All additional facilities: bottles, dams and others block the fulling of the water tank. So if you want to save water  – buy special water-saving toilet bowl. This time flush the water and make sure that the flapper allows completing the full flush.If the water in the tank is enough to complete the flush, then the problem can hide in the clogged rinse holes. If you will clear them with a little piece of a coat hanger, the issue should disappear.Excellent Plumbing have a wide experience if fixing such kind of issues, so you can book an appointment in our office in Buffalo Grove or call us in any city of Illinois and save your time and money.


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