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Most homes in Wheeling, IL get their water via a main water pipe which links a particular residence with the municipal water source or private well. Those pipes are installed underground, are tough and durable, so that normally they serve over a long period of time. However, even those durable elements might get damaged and start leaking. These plumbing problems might require main water line replacement or repair.

With the increasing age of water pipes, the materials they are made of get more susceptible to impact of the conditions inside the pipes or the surrounding environment. This might cause damage to the main water line and its replacement or water line repair. Certainly, there are various factors which inflict damage to the water line, from the surrounding soil alterations to the water pressure changes. Regardless of the damage reason, water line issues should be attended very fast and with sufficient preparation. Damaged water lines go along with poor water pressure, water discoloration, and leaks below ground.

If you notice symptoms of water main line damage and consider that it should be replaced or repaired, contact water service in Wheeling right away. Certified and insured plumbers will assist in the variety of plumbing issues, from main water service line replacement to the repair of the section pipe. We offer emergency services of water line replacement and repair if the water pipes in your residence rebel and get uncontrolled.


If you have any questions about the water heater services and replacement service or want to schedule them in Wheeling IL and Buffalo Grove IL, contact our managers and they will guide you through the intricacies of this process. Call Excellent Plumbing today!

Water Main Problems and How We Can Help

Excellent Plumbing lends a full support with the common plumbing issues. Whether it is a small leak, a broken pipe, a clogged water supply line, our team would stand by any of those and many more issues. To begin with, tell us what is the problem that you experience and our team will prepare a thorough plan to deal with that as well as a free cost estimate for main water line replacement or repair. Afterwards, sit back and relax because our technicians will handle each aspect of plumbing assistance to restore proper and safe water supply at your property.

Types of Water Line Damage

The common water line problems that might require main water line replacement or repair include:

  • Broken pipes;

  • Cracked pipes;

  • Corroded pipes;

  • Mineral deposits that clog the pipes;

  • Leaking water valves.

Causes of Sewer Water Line Damage

Water pipes might develop cracks or holes as a result of external corrosion of ground or temperature changes (frost or thawing).

As the water lines are under pressure, a rupture in a water main provokes water to flow out of the pipe and eventually reach the surface, for example street, lawn in front of your house or even its basement. Furthermore, this might also cause a contaminated water supply to the residence. Needless to say that it’s essential to stop using household utensils and drinking water when this happens.

Running invisibly underground, the water lines in any home are susceptible to internal and external factors which can significantly influence functioning of the water lines.

It might be needed to replace main water line or to repair it if the water pipe is damaged due to the following reasons:

  • Wear and tear condition which generally happens over time;
  • High internal water pressure;

  • Internal mineral buildup;

  • Pest damage;

  • Pipe material corrosion;

  • Tree root penetrations;

  • Freezing of soil and its thawing;

  • Ground disruptions.

Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Due to the fact that plumbing lines mostly run invisibly below the ground, damages to them quite often are difficult to notice. If the main water pipe gets damaged, significant water leakage can take place before the issue is detected.

It’s highly recommended that homeowners inform themselves about the symptoms of water line leak. In this way, they’ll be able to identify them if they occur on the property. Should you notice any of the following signs, call us for plumbing help right away and our pros will perform quick and effective line repair services to prevent additional plumbing problems. The alerting signs are:

  • Low water pressure in the entire home;
  • Water discoloration, which might be caused by infiltration of the water line;
  • A vibrating noise in the water pipes when no water is running;

  • Fresh cracks in the home’s foundation;

  • Mold and mildew on the home’s bottom levels;

  • Unexpectedly high water bills with no clear explanation as to actual water consumption;
  • Puddles in the yard;

  • Plashes or water traces on carpets and subfloors indoors;

  • Bubbling water leak at the street.

You shouldn’t wait to contact specialists to fix the water line issues if you notice one of the aforementioned symptoms. Call Excellent Plumbing for main water line replacement or efficient repair right away. Our specialists will professionally and quickly handle water issues and restore proper water supply.

When should I replace my main water line?

It’s challenging to determine whether it would be enough to fix a line or it is needed to entirely replace the main water line. Below you will find an overview of important attention points to consider. You might want to discuss them with your plumber to decide on the best scenario for your particular situation.

  • If a water pipe is made of the materials which can not be repaired, you should better opt for replacing the main water line entirely rather than its tiny part. There is a high chance that those outdated materials would lead to additional problems if not renewed.

  • The main water line which is older than 50 years should better be replaced too. Due to material fatigue, numerous problems happen at the end of service life or when piping has been used for around 50 years.

  • If you have already had some repairs of the water line, you might take into consideration to give up this futile affair and eventually decide to replace the pipe. Patching up the lines does not eliminate but only postpones the problem.

  • If the service to repair the water line would cost a half or more of the costs to replace the main water line, it might be smart to replace it and have safer and more reliable plumbing infrastructure.

What to Consider When Getting Water Line Repair

Should you find a leak in a water main, it is essential to fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid any long-term damage to your property. In this regard, there are some attention points:

  • Opt for a complete replacement of the water main if a property has been built more than 50 years ago or you experience plumbing problems over a long timespan. Repair will not solve the problem in these cases.

  • Go for a trenchless replacement as this technology allows to renew a water pipe without excessive digging procedures. This is a popular way of working amongst the homeowners.

  • Prepare well before you start a repair and replacement. There is a notorious statistics showing that there is an underground water main damage each 6 minutes in the US. To avoid increasing the numbers of these statistics, it is highly recommended to contact a local utility line inspector (can be reached under 811). In such a way, the terrein where the water pipe runs as well as people working with it would be protected from possible accidents caused for example by electrocution.

  • Entrust plumbing assistance to the professionals, do not go DIY! Although recently information on DIY plumbing and water service replacement. After watching the YouTube videos or reading various articles on the Internet, you might believe that you are capable of managing the issue. However, oftentimes people who start improvising and try a DIY fix finally arrive at more costs. If your DIY attempt goes wrong, it can cause even more damages which would require extra expenses.

How to Protect Your Sewer Lines

Over time, water pipes get worn out due to the irreversible changes in their structure. Sometimes water line repair service is the only choice to restore proper water supply and sewage in your home. However, it is possible to prevent undesired interventions such as pricey water service line replacement or water line repair with correct exploitation and correct maintenance of the sewer lines.

How much does it cost to fix a main water line?

Unfortunately, water service replacement or water line repair are quite pricey. Fixing of the water main line is not cheap, its price starts from approximately $500. If the rupture happens on the water line section that runs from the city’s main pipe to a meter on your property, normally it is the city that is responsible for the cost to replace main water line. If the rupture takes place on the line section running from the meter to your home, then you’d be charged with the water service line repair costs.

Should there be a rupture in a water main, the expenses to fix it would depend on how big the damage is. Repair of a tiny tube segment would entail lower costs than replacing the complete tube. In the first case, the expenses would be somewhere between $500 and $1,000. In case of complete replacement of the main line, prices could reach $4,000 with the average expenses arriving at $2,000-$3,000. The eventual expenditure is defined by the costs and type of tube as well as the labor costs.

There are additional factors which directly affect water service line repair costs. They include:

Depth of the line. If the water line runs deeply and is difficult to reach, the bill will go up.

Ease of access. If there are obstructions impeding easy accessibility. Obstructions such as concrete patios, trees or bushes that make the line more difficult to access will add to the total project cost.

Tubes and siphons. Depending on the material, expenses in this category would be different. Generally, PVC tubes are the most economical. However, in some parts of the US they are not used because they aren`t frost resistant.

It is worth mentioning that there are some insurances which might reimburse costs to replace a main water line. You can consult a water supplier to get more information.

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