Several Reasons for Flood Danger

Several Reasons for Flood Danger

Without matter on the place of occurrence, locally at your place or externally as a weather cataclysm, flood carries danger in itself. Obviously, weather cataclysm can cause death by drowning but don’t underestimate local floods, which can cause electrical closure or pollution, which may cause a risk of death as well. Although, flood due to a storm in a combination with grid may cause a lot of problems too.


In case your home place is not disconnected from the electricity grid contacting to floodwaters may cause electrocution. This is why it is important to remember that it is prohibited to go at floodwater placement without support from professionals: either the emergency worker or electrician from special services, who can professionally turn off your home place out of electricity. In fact, even a generator working for your neighbor at the time of a storm can bring the risk of electrocution to you.


According to the statistics provided by the Centers of Disease Control, the most dangerous floods are flash ones. Reports evidence that driving a car during floodwater is one of the most often reasons for drownings. National Weather Service warns that 6y inches of floodwater moving fast will be enough to take an adult person down, while for moving a small car it will be enough of 12 inches. In general, any vehicle will be carried out with 2 feet of the waterflood.


Besides traumas, the risk of drowning or injuring by electrocution water pollution can bring lots of diseases and significant harm to health. Being aware of danger means to be able to prepare and “fight” with problems. So please consider 3 water flood types, that may occur as locally, as externally. Briefly, clean and gray water damage usually happens at home and in general can be resolved without 3d party’s help. The most dangerous damage – BlackWater may happen at home or being caused by a storm or hurricane. Let’s describe each type in more detail.


Clean water flood may appear in case of insignificant damage of appliances, malfunctions of toilet tanks. Ordinary weather changes as snow melting can cause clean water floods too. Basically, clean water doesn’t have a significant adverse effect on your health, this is why it is called so. It can be easily cleaned by the owner of the damaged place. In fact, as sooner it will be removed, as better because less, than in 2 days clean water will stop to be clean and will become dangerous for health. So it will become 2nd type – the GrayWater.


This type of water flood contains sullage, but it is not of fecal origin. This water is harmful because of pathogens, but basically can be used for some technical needs, for example, flushing in a toilet. Because of its composition, it can be dangerous to clean by yourself.  Special equipment is highly recommended for these purposes, as well as cleaning as soon as possible. Otherwise, these water floods will become extremely dangerous becoming a BlackWater.


BlackWater contains the highest number of pathogens and bacteria, this is why it is considered as the most dangerous and harmful type of floods. The reason is a solid part of human waste in it. Examples of BlackWater are:

  • Floods appeared in the city are shown on TV and have a really black color.
  • Raw sewage floods.

Besides bacteria, pathogens, human waste BlackWater also includes chemicals, that in a mix may seriously damage health. Another dangerous is easy absorbing of BlackWater by home things, for example by carpets, drywall and so on.

Considering possible harm to the health of homeowner and his close people or even pets, Excellent Plumbing offers help. We have appropriate experience and skills to remove floods effects as soon as it is possible and to react quickly in situations, that are difficult predicted. Additionally, bothers regarding cooperation with your insurance company.

Anyway, here are some tips in order to prevent floods and protect the house from water issues:

  • Check problem areas, that have been already damaged by water;
  • Save the number of plumbing services professionals and keep it in quick access. You may find contact details of the Excellent Plumbing in the respective section;
  • Have regular inspections of places where leaks can happen (pipes, hoses, water shutoff valves and so on);
  • Install alarms on flood detection in risky areas.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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