Sink Repair

Sink Repair

Washbowl maintenance and mounting services

To find an expert for blocked drains and sinks

The water in your sink does not go down, make it slowly or you just need to install the sanitary ware in the kitchen or bathroom? All of these situations means that you will need qualified assistance of a plumber. Excellent Plumbing professionals have wide-ranging experience in repair of any kind of sanitary ware issues. All our plumbers are properly qualified and licensed and of course, we use the newest equipment, which allows us to handle the problems twice faster than any trainee or an amateur does.

Let’s consider the sink issues may be the most widespread plumbing problems in the house. As the washbowl in the main feature of any bathroom or kitchen – it’s being blocked very often. You might try to fix the clog by yourself using the plunger, but sometimes this is not enough. Meanwhile, it takes a lot of time to find the plumber, who can come fast and clean the drains.

Installation of the new sink is a quite complicated process. You shouldn’t make a try to install it by yourself without special knowledge and equipment. Manual instructions might look simple, but incorrect connections to pipes system can cause a water flood in your house.

Save your money and time and better call to professionals from Excellent Plumbing. We are flexible to drive in any city all over Illinois and show you the equipment, which unclog the sing in the kitchen or bathroom in a few minutes. And of course, we have installed hundreds of washbowls in different houses with different plumbing systems – it won’t be a problem for us.

There are many ways to clog your washbowls: mud, fats or pieces of garbage. If you flush all these stuff in the pipes – you can get the clog in a few months or sometimes even weeks. Professionals from Excellent Plumbing recommend using grease traps and clearing them regularly to avoid any kinds of clogs.

Call our office in Buffalo Grove and ask about the installation of grease traps, sinks or removing the clogs. If the issue is not urgent (for example planned clearing of sludge traps), you can books an appointment online and we will come to your house at the appointed time, diagnose your pipes and maintain the proper service if needed. Our experts won’t leave your house without a bit of advice how to prevent such issues in the future. So take care of your sanitary ware beforehand and book an appointment on our web site or call our office at 847-929-9229 right now!

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